Well I got a pretty good dose of what I thought of as depression. Doing morning stuff, I took my pills and was just about to inject my Lantus, looking at the needle I thought "I am going to be type 1 diabetic the rest of my life" With this thought I started to cry, out of nowhere. I guess it just gets to me sometimes and it's only been 1 1/2 years. I think I will get a Dr. appt., could be the medicine for quitting smoking. Oh, depression didn't last long, all I had to done was look at my new (4 week old) granddaughter, she's SOOOOO Cute!!!!!!! I'll have to post more pictures.LOL

As someone who suffers from depression it just sounds like you may have been overwhelmed in the moment or what not.

If you truly feel like this (outside of diabetes) in you have no interest in things you used to like, if it's causing a negative effect in your professional or personal life, or end up pushing friends/loved ones away, I would recommend talking to your physician/endo about it and looking into meds.

If this was just a caught up in the moment explosion of tears, then I wouldn't necessarily call it depression. I'm not downplaying what you went through at all, just as someone who has "suffered" from it for well over half my life, I don't think it sounds like what you experienced was depression. I hope that I'm right and you aren't actually depressed, but that you just had a rough moment and are now all better.

Either way, we're here if you need to vent about anything.


Keith, Depression..I know different people go through different levels of it.Tough Stuuf and Real-anyone that has ever had to deal with it knows that it is hard....I have had depression on and off since my teens.Thank God,I come out of it...I hope you are not in depression but if you are ,we are here to help if we can...When my daughter got type1,I did become depressed.I hid it best I could from my family.It was very hard because I felt I was the cause of her having d.I could not fix it,make it go away.It was here to stay...I know I sometimes I go on and on about Juv...but I love this place.Here I found people that understood what having type1 was all about.I also found sooooo many here that are shining stars to me because they show me that d is not a road block in life.It is just a detour sign.Life can be good-wonderful in fact :) I try and focus on them,makes me see everything is going to be alright.Your never alone on Juv. -hope you feel better soon...

I've heard that diabetics are 80% more likely to suffer from depression than non-diabetics.  There could be several reasons for this: maybe it's physiological - having diabetes actually has a physical chemical impact on our brains as well, maybe it's situational - like what you seemed to have experienced - realizing "I have a chronic illness and it's really upsetting."  I've struggled with this myself.   It really is a grieving process - coming to terms with the loss of being free from illness.

I have also found that when my sugars are out of control - it really impacts my emotions and it seems harder to deal with the day-to-day.  That's a major way that you can impact your emotions - keep on top of those.

I agree with Pat.  If you don't have extended feelings of sadness, it's probably not depression.  It's really important to have a support system though and to talk to your doctors if you think it might be more than "normal" sadness.

Like Pat said, we're here for you.  I think a lot of us have struggled with depression at one point or another in our diabetic lives and I know for me, it really helps to commiserate.

Keep your head up.  You're not alone.

Keith that happened to me the other day i ahve only been T! for 10 months and i was laying in bed and my husband hadn't come to bed yet and i was think ing about having babied like i always do bc my one goal in life has been to give life and love it but i thought what if bc this i can't and i cried for a whole minuet but then i saw something on TV about diebetics and children on true life or something like that and i felt beter but i am pretty sure that no matter what i will always have thiose moments when i just need to cry over this stupid life that i have lol so your not the only i am here to share your pain ...

I know how you feel Keith. I was diagnosed two months ago, and still can hardly believe it. It is so easy to start going in the mindset of "why me?", and I know for me personally these thoughts lead to overeating...but we really have to remember the silver lining. Everyday I tell myself I am lucky..this is a managable disease, and now I have a real reason to eat save my life! Keep your head up, we will get through this!