ok guys im having troubles lately iv been depressed like really bad and i dont know wat to do to get rid of it please help 

well there's various things you can do (non-chemical wise) to help with your depression, but you kinda gotta give us at least a clue about what's causing it or you think is causing it.

Depending on what it is: getting out of the situation causing it, talking to a professional council to work through it, vitamins(i take a herbal mood enhancer when I start to feel the signs of depression, rather than taking an anti-depressant), talking/working out the problem you're having with the person or persons, exercise (get those natural chemicals in your brain going).

If none of that works, there's always anti-depressants but personally..I'm against that since everyone's "in balance" of chemicals that causes the depression is different and it can really mess some people up more than help them.

well its a lot of thing from my parents to moving to a different university and having everything taken away from me like my football scholarships and stuff i feel like there no where to turn 

Yeah when stuff piles up like that it gets so overwhelming and sometimes it feels like there is no way out. I guess what I would do is just take a step back from it for a day. Promise yourself your not going to think about any of it for a day and then fill your day with things you like to do. If it were me, I would go to the gym, eat at my favorite restaurant, buy some new music, watch my favorite movies, things like that. Then after you've had a day to chill, get up the next day and handle things one issue at a time so you don't get overwhelmed again. Things will start looking up again eventually, even if it's not as quick as we might like.

thanks ya iv been trying the only sad thing is my support comes from one of my really good friends at college his name is mike and he 3 years older not my family were heading to iowa next week 

well at least you have someone to lean on. what is in Iowa?

friends football

That sounds fun!