Desired Diabetes technology

I have decided that I will be purchasing a new iPhone 3Gs soon partly because of some cool diabetes apps that are availabe and will be available soon (Lifescan for example has developed an app).  But here's my question:  if you had to invent some type of diabetes monitoring technology, what would it be (outside of a cure obviously!)

Here's my thought.... for the iPhone, there should be an app and an attachment that caters to diabetes completely.  The attachment would be a meter of some sort that takes a test strip and records your blood sugar in a log of some sort.  Then you could enter how much insulin you took, what you are eating, exercise times, etc.  Along with that app, build into it would be the readings from your CGM sensor on your body, sent to the phone via bluetooth.  Then when you want to show your doctor everything, you just email the info to yourself or print it and it's all compiled together. 

As it is now, I have an excel spreadsheet that I keep track of my fingersticks and activity on and a dexcom sensor that has graphs and tables that I compare to my fingersticks.  This means I have to have a computer at some point to enter my numbers, carry a meter, the receiver for the sensor, and everything else that daily life requires (cell phone, wallet, insulin, keys, etc).  Maybe I'm dreaming...

that's a great idea..but the OneTouch already has most of those options. you can plug in your insulin doses(you set up what type of insulin you take), excerise, illness/stress, food intake(calories, carbs, fat, etc), plus the automatic food log it saves(which also has pre-set times for before and after all meals which you can set according to when you normally eat breakfast..say usualy between 7am and 10am, etc)..then you plug it into the computer and it creates graphs and averages(also available to view on the meter) which can be printed or e-mailed.

Eh, yea i saw that, but I am greedy and want a complete all in one.  The one touch doesnt take sensor readings into consideration.  I guess I want the One Touch with the benefits of a CGM... I'll have to let them know about my idea!

I don't know if you guys have ever heard of but for the past two years Amy Tenderich the author, has been having a design challenge and one of the winners designed an iphone testing combo you can check it out here on this page it is the first youtube video.