Detaching from the pump for activities

I have a question I am hoping someone can give advice to.  My son is 8 years old and on the pump.  At times, after he has been detached from the pump because of activities (swimming, sparring in karate...) the connection will not fit to be reattached.  It has occurred after various activities, and each time, I have had to change his site in order to get a new connection and to be hooked back up.  Any ideas why this happens?




I have encountered this problem many times myself. I have even called MM and they have no  answer for it. It is so annoying especially right after I just put a new set on, and have to change it out again. It boggles my mind as well!


Renee, what kind of infusion set do you use?

It is the Medtronic Quick-Set Paradigm / 6mm

Hmm I've been using Animas for about 3years now and have never had this happen before...sorry that would stink big time!

I've had to do this before like you.  I use the same infusion sites and it can be very irratating!  Do you find that his blood sugars go either up a lot or down afterhe detaches cause I do and I also don't know what to do about that!

mine does it too sometimes, but I don't know why, and it's had little or no effect on my #s.

is it a quick set because it happens to me all the time all u have to do is twist the little thing on the side its a pain and i wish it would stop!!

Oh I don't use those, sorry ):

you could always call medtronic and ask them to send you a different type of infusion set. the silhouette is pretty nice?


sorry I couldn't be of much help

renee,  i've used quick sets, 6mm for 3 years and have never had that happen.

how about the quickset "protector" that comes with the set?  it protects the sharp edge of the quickset when the tubing is disconnected.  did you try using the protector thing?    BTW, if that edge is damaged or even has lint on it it may be impossible to re-fit the tubing connector back on, simply becasue the connector fits so tight.

good luck!


The thing is when you try to reattach after disconnecting it doesnt fit anymore. It is the weirdest thing it has nothing to do with putting the cap on after. It is like putting a square block in a circular hole. Just aint happening.

I use the minimed quick sets too, but this has only happened to me a few times.  It was because the middle part of the plastic head attatched to the tubing will spin so that the holes in it doesn't match up with the holes in the rest of the plastic head.  If that made any sense.  I can never get it to spin back though, so I guess it's not much help..

I haven't had this problem in years though.  Weird

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The thing is when you try to reattach after disconnecting it doesnt fit anymore. It is the weirdest thing it has nothing to do with putting the cap on after. It is like putting a square block in a circular hole. Just aint happening.


i get the problem, I even have "trouble" lining up the tubing connector to the infusion set to re-connect... it's just never happened (in about 360 sets) to me that I can't get it back on.  dont' get me wrong - the alignment can be tough because the tubing uses a 3 prong system (2 alignment pins and the tubing end) that all have to make contact at the same time.  I guess you could twist the infusion set during a disconnect, and then the little blue arrow and dash would be useless... but honestly I can't see 'em when I reconect anyway and do it by feel (I like the back of the love handles, impossible to actually see).  anyway tomorrow morning I have a set change and will take a closer look in the name of science =)    The original poster seemed to have a prob after contact sports - that's why I suggested the cap - I believe that if the sharp edge of the infusion set (when you're disconnected the edge of that thing can cut your skin... just ask my wife) and if it gets a ding in it then for sure the tubing cap wont go back on.....  good luck all!


I honestly think sometimes it is a defective set. It just happens out of no where.

I guess the thing that puzzles me most is that I use the site protector (if that is what you are referring to Joe) all the time if he is disconnecting, so you would think they would be the same shape / size and to take off one and the other not fit is frustrating.  I think I will call Medtronic and see what they have to say about it.  Thanks, everyone !  I will report back their response.


The other day it happened and that morning I had changed his site, so I didn't change out his pump, just put on a new site and did a  fixed prime to "fill the tubing" inside him.  That seems to work and I really haven't noticed a difference in his BS.

That's odd. I've never had that happen to me before. I've had my infusion sets come off in the water but never had any problems getting it hooked back up after I've been swimming or playing sports.