Determined to coordinate a walk

I really am excited to learn that I can possibly coordinate a walk in Yuma Arizona. There have been little ones but I am determined to get almost my entire community involved with this. I am seventeen but although I am young I have a lot of experience fundraising as well as working in community service. I will be excited when I find out how I can make this happen in my community. I'm already in discussion with the phoenix charter as well as Amy Kord, and I am so thrilled with the advice they have given me so far. If you have any suggestions please tell me?! Thank you


-Beryl Lay


Beryl, it's exciting to hear that a 17 year old is willing (and able) to launch a JDRF walk herself.

Even though you may think it's going to start as a small walk, think BIG. For example, the Yuma TV, radio and newspaper folks would probably jump at the chance to interview you and get the word out to thousands of people to join you. Make sure you 1.) reach out to them and 2.) make sure you give clear directions to interested viewers on how to learn more and to sign up to walk. This means you'll need to make sure you have the info available on the web somewhere. I bet Amy will be able to help you set up that stuff.

Good luck (and don't forget to smile for the camera)!


~ Red Maxwell

Thank you so much for the support Red! I am in the process of speaking with Amy about this. I also already have captured the newspapers interest and was already planning on contacting the local news channels, as well as local radio. I have so many idea's for the fundraiser and I am so excted to show my community what this walk meant to me as a little girl (since I was four I walked). It has a huge impact on the culture within our community because we have such a large percentage of hispanic people within our community who are at a higher risk of developing diabetes at any age.  I think this will not only help JDRF but everyone in my community. :] I'm so excited to start this up I just need to find how I can acess things for the walk, and I have messaged all contacts I have with JDRF so far.


Thank you!


-Beryl Lay


My name is Jennifer Fishkind and I work for the JDRF national office as the Associate Director for the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Red passed along your information and asked that I reach out to you.

I wanted to just give you an FYI, that we are in the process of developing a web site that will be able to help support you in your efforts of starting a volunteer walk site in your local community.  Once it is up and running you will be able to register walkers and they will be able to fundraise on line!  There should also be some great support materials available to you!

The site is scheduled to launch in May.  If you have any questions prior to that, don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Thanks for you support and enthusisam!  We hope this will be a great tool to help you be even more successful.

Take Care,



Thank you so much for contacting me! I am so happy to hear about this web site, it is exactly the tool I need to make this successful! I am so glad I am receiving this support. This is a wonderful opportunity and I am sure it will supply me with the materials I need! As you can tell I am so very excited!

I will be certain to contact you with any questions I have and I cannot wait to see the website!

Thank you so very much,




My name is Deborah and I work as a volunteer with the JDRF in NY.  Last year, I was the Family Team Chairperson for the Brooklyn/Queens Walk.  It is nice to hear that you are determined to start this.  With respect to getting the word out and having some larger support, you should also contact your local Lions Clubs.  I happen to be a member of my local Lions Club.  They are a great resource and they support blindness and diabetes.  Sometimes they will ask you to come to one of their meetings to give a short presentation and possibly give you a donation or promise to get the word out to the Lions members who may walk at the event.  Try to get in contact with their "Diabetes Awareness Committee Members".  Their regional districts sometimes have newsletters and could possibly advertise your Walk for free also.  Best of luck with launching your Walk!! 


Thank you so much I did not even realize that the lion clubs are interested in such things. This is a wonderful resource thank you so much! I will definately contact them and hopefully they will be interested. Thank you for your support!

How wonderful!  You will impact so many people!

Thank you! That is my goal, I want as many people as possible to become educated and realize how important this is.



I am really kick starting this walk yet, I have not given up! I'm still waiting to hear about the website but unfortunately nothing has come up yet =[ but I will not lose my determination. I have been looking at grants and doing a lot of work but I need resources to get sponsorship to get a space for this walk and contacts for the event. if anyone has suggestions please let me know!

Hey there!  I just emailed you, but just to make sure you got it (and for others who may be reading) - we recently launched Team JDRF - this is perfect for your event.  Check it out at .... let me know if you have any questions!