Devices and Travel

I use an empty water bottle

Thanks for all who responded to my questions about travel. I got back from the UK on Monday evening and the trip was AMAZING! On the way there I opted for a pat down and they checked all my (tons of) supplies. I didn’t like the way they did it. The guy dropped a few things on the floor and then just picked them up and put them back (unsanitary?). The pat down was quite thorough (yikes) but fine. On the way back, I decided to chance it and go through the scanner with my Libre. I remember reading that one other person had written that they always did this and never had a problem with the GCM. It seems to be fine, and I avoided having to have them go through all my stuff.

Interestingly, on the plane my BS kept going low, and I DON’T have a pump. While in line at Newark (which took forever) it continued, and even on the drive home to Syracuse (four hours). Really weird. Also, at that time of day since then (around dinnertime) I am finding I am much more sensitive to insulin and need to take about half what I used to. Only at that time though. So who knows - maybe travel changes you :slight_smile:

While I was in Edinburgh I read an post from someone asking about food and blousing while traveling. I wanted to respond but it is too hard for me to type on my phone that much information. I can’t find the original post, but I wanted to talk about what worked for me. I would bolus a moderate amount before the food came, and then take more insulin about an hour later. How much depended on whether I had a good idea of the carb count, if my BS was shooting up, etc. It’s not a perfect science, but it worked fairly well. Since lot of the food you end up eating has a lot of fat (causing slower digestion and a rise later) it seemed to make sense. I had a few highs (almost 200), but only a few times. I hope this helps someone else who is trying to work this out. I was really nervous about the whole travel thing with diabetes (I am also gluten intolerant, and allergic to dairy!). But it went great. Plus, gluten free bread was almost everywhere in Europe!


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@Jsich. Hi Jess glad you had a great trip.

Stress affects us in different ways. Some go high (me for example) some go low.

Also when you force change your body clock such as travel outside your time zone, everything changes but most notably your need for basal insulin. It’ll go back after a while.

(Currently in Dublin Ireland :ireland:)

I do pretty much the same. I put the syringes in an empty diet coke or water bottle. I bring them home and dispose of them when I get back.

As far as going through security I have never had a problem. I don’t have a pump but I have gone through security with a Dexcom G6 and Freestyle Libre with no problems.

I don’t tell them anything. I just put my receiver in my carry on and go right on through.