Dexcom 6 capabilities

Just checking, we are fairly new with Dex6, if the user is in United States and shares data with someone in Mexico, does the data come thorough ok? We are planning a trip and want to make sure the data will be able to be seen. We are staying where there is wifi.

That’s a great question! I’ll be watching this thread. I’m guessing it will work if you invite the person and they can install the share app.

Hi Denise @Colescourage, I can’t think of any reason the data would NOT continue to flow.

The data flows through the same “channels” as phone calls and data from computer to computer [WiFi] internet; generally most countries allow data to travel across borders without interruption.

Go to for some great tips.

My son just switched to G6. Past summer I was in Kenya for 2 months when he was on G5. I used to receive the data as well as I do in US as long as I was connected to the internet through data or Wifi.