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I am currently submitting my info to insurance to get approved for a CGMS. I am an Animas Ping user and lately do not have teh usual signs that I am headed for a low. I have started to scare my family and myself. So I think the CGM will help. I am uncertain about another device to keep track of any advice for a soon to be newbie?

There are plenty of things to advise on...  can you be more specific on what you'd like to know?  I have been using the Dexcom for a few months now.

I think you're making a wise move by getting a CGMS. I've had a Navigator for slightly over 2 years now and it has really helped me reduce the number of lows I have. I've heard good things about Dexcom and I'll think you'll benefit greatly by using it. I also have an Animas Ping and will be switching to Dexcom as soon as my current Navigator warranty runs out. Since Animas will be integrating with Dexcom in another year or so, I thought I'd go ahead and get the standalone Dexcom now and see how I like it.  The key to CGMS I've found out (at least for myself) is in successfully calibrating the sensor; if you can get a good calibration you can usually get fairly accurate sensor readings, at least most of the time. CGMS is not perfect but it's a great step forward. I don't think you'll regret your decision.  Good luck with it!

I have had an Animas pump for 3.5 years.  Currently on a 2020.  I just started the DexCom Seven + CGM two weeks ago and look forward to an integrated solution, hopefully in the next year.

The Dexcom 7+, although it does not perfectly match my finger stick readings, I have been pleasantly surprised that it is usually within 5 - 10%.  Sometimes it is spot on.  2009 was the first time that my insurance authorized CGM, so I jumped on it and I am glad that I did.  Looking at other forums, it appears that others prefer the Dexcom over the MM CGM for accuracy.  Having the separate Dexcom receiver from the pump is a hassle since I constantly carry the pump, a meter, and the Dexcom receiver.  Add in a cell phone and you get lots a devices to carry.  Look forward to an integrated solution in the devices, but also software to integrate all the data for analysis (the engineer in me talking).

I would never go back to MDI and I think I will like CGM as much as pumping as I get more experience with it.  Having the CGM data available in between BG tests is great. Plus you can set vibrate and audible alarms when BGs go above or below hyper and hypo thresholds that you set.  I was especially concerned about my BGs while sleeping, and now I have data on that, plus alarms if I am going too low or high.

Hope that helps.


I have used both the MM CGM and the Dexcom. I loved the Minimed CGM, it was good relatively close, and made a difference for me. The Dexcom, I think is a little better. Easier to insert, less scary needle, and the adhesive holds better. It is usually closer accuracy wise for me as well. But they are both great CGM's. The Navigator, i don't much about. I have heard good things about it. The only "negative" I have heard is that the startup time for their CGM is a longer period of time.

I love the DexCom 7.  I was a little freaked out that it has to be replaced every year but I'm hoping that by the time it needs to be replaced, the combo Ping/Dexcom 7 device will be available.  The insertion didn't hurt AT ALL and I was expecting serious pain.  The alarms go off constantly for me but I think that's just a weird thing specific to my sugars.  If you run really high or really low, the DexCom is the better choice.  It has a much better accuracy rating for sugars lower than 60 and higher than 200.  I am low a lot so I needed a good machine for lows- and I got it.  I would totally recommend it now. I'm a huge fan.  Oh, and most of my readings have been either dead on accurate or within 10 points of my meter. I had ONE bad night where the CGM was 20 points off.

I've been very happy with the dexcom.  In the last 10 months since I got it, I have had 2 sensors that were not acting right.  They were consistently saying that I was dangerously low, when it wasn't what my onetouch said.  Other than that, it has made a huge difference in my life.

With regards to all of the devices that we carry around, someone has got to push Medtronic to develop or sell their patent.  I investigated setting up software and apps for a smartphone that would read CGM numbers and possibly interact with a pump, thereby reducing the devices we carry around to 1.  I thought this was my million dollar idea, but Medtronic is already sitting on the patent, so until they do something with it, we are going to continue to carry around a whole bunch of crap. 

If you can figure a way around the patent, I'd be happy to do some testing and R & D  :)

I am using a mm pump and and sensor.  When I went on-line to upload my info to my dietician, I couldn't.  They haven't upgraded their system to be able to accomodate Vista or Windows 7.  I am soooooooooo dissappointed I chose this company. 

Rochelle, contact MM, they should be able to walk you and your PC thru the process to update so that you can upload your MM pump to carelink.

Thanks, I still have an XP working and so I use that machine.  Still, something isn't right that they wouldn't have their Carelink able to accomodate Windows 7.


The MM carelink has to do with the Win 7 drivers being completely different than than the drivers for XP and Vista. I know they are working on a 32-bit version for the USB uplink dongle, and the 64-bit will be developed after that. I am in the same boat not being able to upload my readings because I have a 64-bit Win 7 computer. I do not have any backup computers so I am SOL.

[quote user="Keith LeMar"]Since Animas will be integrating with Dexcom in another year or so, I thought I'd go ahead and get the standalone Dexcom now and see how I like it. [/quote]



Just spoke to Dexcom rep today to get informaiton about the Seven + for my 8 year old daughter.  She has an Animas pump and Animas had told me they were hopeful the integrated Dexcom would be ready before the end of this year.  Dexcom told me today that the release has been pushed back to May/June of 2011.  Kind of bummed about that.  One of the main reasons we went with the Animas pump was because we knew the Dexcom would be available as an integrated system soon.

I just started the Dexcom 7 and I love it! I am only having one problem, and that is getting the sensor to stick for 7 days! I live in a hot humid climate so all the sweat really makes the problem worse.

When I was doing my research on the different CGM's I was also researching different pumps. I found out that the pump I want to change to is the one who will be joining Dexcom. The OmniPod was approved and got the contract with Dexcom. This was one of the big choices for me deciding on Dexcom. I like the OmniPod and would love to be out active in my water sports without having to disconnect from my MM pump. I look forward to having the Dexcom sensor along with the OmniPod all in one system, in the near future.

The Dexcom sensor is fairly accurate to my finger sticks. It is more likely to have a different number when my sugars are on the high side. When they are dropping or on the way down it is always right on. It is easy to use and has good alarms. I do wish I could turn up the volume at night for my alarm as I don't hear it that well when I am sleeping. I think that over all, after reading what others had to say about Dexcom and doing my own research, that it is a great choice in the CGM market!


Hi!  I've now got an Animas Ping and it's my favorite pump (have had Minimeds in the past).  I also got the DexCom 7 at the same time and I have been VERY pleasantly surprised by the results.  The trends have been shocking.  It has definitely helped me better monitor my sugars.  Like you, I have no symptoms.  Plus, I drop unexpectedly (when I say, "drop", I mean somewhere between 0 and 40).  My DexCom alarms go off a lot but that has helped me in SO many different ways!  I've always been in tight control (according to my A1Cs), which failed to account for my constant low blood sugars.  The DexCom has made it impossible for me to NOT know when my sugars are going up or down.  THAT is the useful part: the trends. You see it's going up and you act accordingly. See it's going down, same thing.  It's very helpful.  Again, when compared to my monitor's readings, the DexCom's readings have been surprisingly close (within 5 points most of the time).

If you have a Mac, be aware that the software for DexCom's reports isn't compatible.  You would need a PC to print them.  DexCom's customer service is phenomenal- because I have difficulties getting adhesives to stick, my sensors don't always last a week.  They have sent me at least five new sensors over the past three months to replace ones that peeled off.  They really are fantastic.