Dexcom and kids

Hi all, I’m wondering what sites you use for the Dexcom g6 and kiddos. My son is 4 and Dexcom recommends only the belly and bottom. However, I’ve seen kids with them on upper arms and upper legs. My son sleeps on his tummy, so the belly site has been sore in the mornings. Also, what age is a good starting point for a pump? He was only diagnosed 4 months ago so right now we are still getting used to the shots. I would like to have him on a pump when he starts Kindergarten in a year. Is that too young? Thanks in advance!

Hi Lisa,
My daughter will be 4 this month and was diagnosed in October. She exclusively wears the G6 on her upper arm, as approved by her endo team.
She also just started using a pump last week, it has helped immensely so far. She was fine with pen injections but exact dosage has been amazing with keeping her in range. She went from about 55% of the time to over 80%.
So, your son is definitely not too young, but it also can take awhile. Insurance first rejected the claim but approved the appeal, then there is training. We were fortunate they approved the first appeal.
Definitely chat with your son’s doctor so you can see all the pump options available to you and then start the process. There are pros and cons to pumps that all need to be given careful consideration. I felt exactly the same about kindergarten being my goal; my daughter goes to preschool now and there are different plans that need to be put in place in case of a site failure, providing backup insulin, and so on.
We absolutely feel we made the right decision at this time. Best of luck with your little guy!