Dexcom and tylenol!

tylenol and dexcom! What medication do you give your children to lower their fever, other than tylenor, I need advice please!..

If they are old enough Motrin (ibuprofen) is ok. Tylenol used to be a bigger problem than it is now. Use the finger stick more when they need Tylenol. I’d rather have an incorrect CGM than an untreated fever.

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my son is taking ibuprofen in pills, when it is liquid his sugar goes up, I check it several times a day, with the machine, it’s been 2 days that he take tylenol, and his readings are returning to normal, since I stopped giving it to him

A recent thread in the Facebook G5/G6 user group asked about the impact of Tylenol on G5 accuracy. According to the responses, some people see no impact. If you treat with a Tylenol and test more often you should be OK.

If you’re lucky enough to be using G6, tylenol is AOK!