Dexcom Bleeds and Hurts

Hey, I just joined today, and this is my first post.

Anyways, I needed to replace my Dexcom sensor this morning, and when I injected it, I started to bleed a little. This happen to anyone else?

I tried to wipe the blood away, and continue with life. I also was walking upstairs, and I shook my arm (I put my sensor on my left arm), and it hurt really bad, like an IV. Anyone know why this happened?

What should I do moving forward? And what to do now? Thanks

There have been a couple of times when I’ve inserted in a bad spot. I’ve “hit a bleeder” on occasion and it bled profusely - as in soaked through the tape😫! I use a shield and patch so didn’t even realize it until I got an error code - I can’t recall if it was the — or something else, but when I went to replace the sensor I saw the problem. I’ve had a little bit of bleeding with no problem, so you might wait to see if you get any errors. On the other hand of you are in pain you probably inserted into muscle. No sense hurting for 10 days - and the sensor wire might not remain “stable” anyway. If that’s the case I suggest trying another spot. Either way, if you have can’t keep it in call Dexcom to get a replacement.

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@wadawabbit thank you so much for helping me. I’m wasn’t bleeding that much, though.

Hi Taylor @Darth_Yader , a little blood showing and an occasional “hurt” are not too unusual. For instance, about 9 days ago, I noticed what appears to be a blood stain seeping out under the adhesive patch - the 10 days are almost up and I’ll need to change it out in an hour. During the 10 days, it gave full, wonderful service.

As for the “hurt”, I’ve had a few, very few, over the past three years - it happens if the sensor is placed roo close to a nerv or muscle. The arm, or leg, insertion is where this happens most often, so I insert only on my abdomen.