Dexcom / CGM question

I completed my training to get back on the Dexcom today. Things seem pretty similar to when I used it 2 years ago w/ a few new features.

I have a terrible cold so I wasn't able to pay much attention during the training today. But, when I got home, I remembered the trainer saying something like, "You can test as much as you want even 10 times a day, but you don't have to calibrate that often."

I'm confused. When I was on it last time, I only calibrated 2-3 times a day and then only tested w/ my meter if I was going to correct a high. So, I wasn't testing more than 4 times a day

So, if you're on a CGM, how many times a day do you test with your meter?


Hey Sarah!  Welcome back to the Dexcom.  :)

For the purposes of calibration, you will only need to enter 2 tests a day into the CGM.  Test like you normally would for correcting, etc., but what she was saying is that you don't need to enter all of those results into your receiver. 

Hope you feel better soon!

Kim, if you don't mind me asking, how many times do you use your meter a day? Off the CGM, I probably tested between 6-10 x's a day. On it, I used to test only 3-4. I guess I'm asking, do you trust it for post-prandial readings or times between meals? Thanks!

I don't mind at all!  It depends on the day, but I would say on average I'm testing 4 -6 times a day while wearing the CGM.  I have found that it tends to be accurate most of the time - but it does embellish a little with lows and highs.  I've had it say I'm 47, when I'm actually testing at 62, and it's also said I was in the 300's when I was only in the 250's.  If I'm going to correct, I try to test, but sometimes it's not convenient to do that, so I'll trust the CGM results and ballpark it.

Thanks!!! That's what I'm finding too -- it's great for when you're "in range" but it's slow to realize when a low comes up or a high comes down. Last night, it told me I was 302 when I was 218 on my meter. I think the key to getting used to it for me is not freaking out about its numbers and checking w/ my meter instead. (: I almost had a heart attack to be over 300!

My goal today is to remain calm at all times, lolol....

Haha... the worst is when the 'below 55' alarm goes off (the only one you can't choose to disable), but you're not actually that low... I like to yell, "Liar!" when that happens.

I also had to teach myself to not do micro-corrections all the time, and trust that my IOB will take care of it in time.  Yes, always test if it says you're 300 - because you're probably not!  :)