Dexcom cgm

Anyone know if there any help out there to get dexcom cgm? I really want to try it but i have a high deductible plan and I never meet my deductible so I would have to pay full price.

I was looking online and there are foundations and programs who can help you if you are eligible. This is one of the links I found:

We don’t have experience with this but just thought I’d share my thoughts. Hopefully someone can help you better than I can. Good luck :sparkles::star:

Thank you! I will check that out!

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You’ll need to work with your medical team first. Your doctor will need to give you the rx and provide any necessary any. If there is a nurse educator on staff they may do the training or set it up with a rep. The rep will verify what your insurance benefits are - some durable medical equipment (DME) is now covered under pharmacy benefits rather than medical which might work to your advantage. Do yourself a favor and let them handle that part.
Another option is Freestyle Libre or Libre2: you have to swipe the reader over your sensor to get updated readings. The Libre2 has alerts, although it does not work with a pump to adjust glucose as the Dexcom does. However I believe it is a less expensive option.
Wishing you ask the best.

Ask your medical team for the contact information of the sales rep that they work with. Generally the sales rep’s know how to deal with insurance and such

All good ideas. Also, if you haven’t done it yet, you can search “assistance” on this site — there are lots of threads with suggestions on how to get financial help, some specific to Dexcom.

It looks like starting with a Dexcom rep makes the most sense (since they want to figure out how to get you using their product, too). Other suggestions I saw include JDRF and ADA, your insurance company (some offer assistance programs), government programs (federal, state, and local), and other non-profits, too.

Good luck, and post back — whatever you learn might help the next person!