Dexcom Competition, PLEASE

As a T1D on Medicare I pay for Dexcom supplies out of pocket - Medicare has yet to approve CGMs. Quite expensive, but I rationalized the cost as it is such a help. NOW Dexcom has tweaked the sensors to last ONLY 7 days, whereas we were able to reset at seven days and squeeze a few extra days, sometimes up to 7, out of one sensor. In effect, my cost has doubled - now $300 per month. Quite expensive, added to the cost of insulin which when in the ‘donut hole’ runs $250 per month out of pocket. Clearly Medicare is not expecting any Type Ones to live to retirement age, and Dexcom could care less. I am praying for competition to kick Dexcom into their rightful place, and hoping this ‘competition’ will appear fast.


What do you mean Dexcom tweaked the sensors? I haven’t had that issue as of yet. I am even lucky if my tape holds to seven days! I usually sweat them off after three days from the gym. Medicare not covering is a huge issue for many people. It will happen I am sure, you unfortunately have to be patient. I don’t know if you remember but, it took a long time for people with regular medical to get covered as well. Some people can’t get covered still till this day. I hope all this changes one day, where we don’t have to constantly battle for medical device and insurance! UGH so exhausting right?

Sensors used to last up to 14 days. Use NextCare waterproof tape to keep sensors on tight. The Dexcom CS told me a few months ago Dexcom had tweaked technology to ensure sensors did not work past 7 days. It took a while to work off inventory of sensors that did last longer, but I am now using 7 day only type. The Medicare non-coverage issue is frustrating as Medicare DOES cover pumps, and pumps with CGM incorporated, as MiniMed. However, if you cannot use the MiniMed CGM which I cannot - the inserter needle is HUGE and being on blood thinners i bled out every time it was inserted. Many MiniMed users use their pump with a Dexcom CGM. At least that was the Minimed situation several years ago when I tried to use them.

It is UGLY and I am trying not to stress over it - but if they had a real competitor prices would improve.

I don’t know if it’s an option for you, but Minimed’s new Enlite sensors have a MUCH smaller needle than the Sof Sensors. The Enlite sensors are similar to inserting one of MM’s Quickset infusion sets if you are familiar with those. (Small needle, 90 degree insertion instead of 45 degrees, etc)

Also Enlite is technically only supposed to work with the new 530G pumps, I’ve heard of some people getting an “off label” prescription to use the Enlite sensors with their Revel and Paradigm MM pumps (if you are not able to upgrade to 530G). It works because the new sensors still use the same clamshell transmitter as the Sof Sensors did.

If you’re on a MM pump and Medicare will cover the sensor from MM then maybe that’s an option for you.

Figured they had surely refined the SofSensors, but sadly the whole pump thing is outside my skill set. The likelihood of fatality spooked me and the mechanical labor intensity - every 3 days for set infusion, x for CGM, was a full time job. I admire people who can pull this off without a hitch, especially children, but it is not for me.