Dexcom follow app alerts

My son (12yo) has the Libre and now he got the Dexcom 5g.
My wife has the Dexcom Follow App on Android (OnePlus 6) and I have it on my iPhone XS.
So far we have encountered several problems and I will appreciate any suggestion/idea:

  1. In order to get alerts, we MUST turn off ALL silencing features (e.g. Do not disturb, Bedtime schedule). Now we get calls, text messages, whatsapp, etc. around the clock. Ho can I get Dexcom alerts as a parent but not all the rest during night time?
  2. I get only sometimes get alerts and some times don’t. Any idea why and how to fix?
  3. We understand it takes a week or two to get the Dexcom stable and accurate so we kept the Libre connected in parallel. But it seems once Dexcom was connected, his body is resisting both now :frowning:

I know Medtronic uses SMS for alert which allows setting their number as Emergency bypass by they seem to have a whole line malfunctioning and thus we were not able to get Guardian Connect.
I know Libre has the MiaoMiao but I am not sure if it provides alerts for parents while Do not disturb is turned on.

Any suggestion/idea/recommendation for a parent who needs to wake up when sugar is low/high (but not from other apps/calls/sms/etc.) will be much appreciated.

Thank you

Turn the bluetooth off and on with your son’s device, also try restarting your phone, this seems to work wherever there’s a glitch.

that is a really tough one. I would use a wifi phone with no apps or email or messaging installed… maybe a old(er) phone no longer connected to your account or an android tablet? If you use a terminal that isn’t connected (to everything, plus all of your “apps” and all the accounts) it won’t beep all night long.

the dex uses a weak bluetooth signal to the connected monitoring device. If it looses that connection, none of the follower devices will get data or alarm. start by rebooting everything, and, as said above, cycle the bluetooth antenna off and then back on. Other problems might be in your house (bluetooth interference) or in your wifi (poor or spotty signals). The “follower” has to make at least 4 jumps across network to “alarm” not the most robust system every devised… imo

good luck

At first the G5 has a whole boat load of “issues”. I don’t know why, but right now the dexcom server is messed up. Creating major problems! Call Dexcom! Their support is really good!

Dexcom support will help you get your issues fixed. I have never had issues that they couldn’t or didn’t fix.

Just so you do understand, Dexcom or any other CGM is not perfect. I have been on the G5 for a couple of years now and I really like it. Once you understand the system it works pretty good. There is an error factor that is inherently built in. There is also an error factor built in to the finger stick readers, which creates a multiplication of error as well.

Once you understand, the work around to being very accurate are fairly straight forward. As with anything else, you have to give it time to figure out what to do to make things better. Slow down, take each problem one at a time! Solve those issues then move on.

You have so many other problems that are far more important to worry about. On top of that, your child is got lots of problems too! Making sleep, well a subject that once was resolved, a resurfacing event. I look at it like having a newborn again! At first sleep, everything else is thrown into turmoil. But as the “baby” (read G5), grows things work out and things go back to “normal”!!

Good luck! If you have questions ask I’ll answer anyway I can!

Thank you all for the answers.
With time we are getting used to it and it is surprisingly accurate.
I must say it does not seems much tech advanced as I would expect, so using a dedicated phone for the nights seems like the best solution at the moment.

Thanks all for the help and support