Dexcom G4 Sites

My 11 year old recently received her new CGM.  I understand that the only "approved" site for wear is the abdomen, but have also heard anecdotally that many wear theirs on other sites.  She has always felt uncomfortable with her Omnipod on her abdomen, preferring the backs of her arms or front of her thighs.  I'm wondering if people have been able to use such sites successfully with the G4 and, if so, do they follow typical Omnipod protocol (i.e., vertical placement on arms and legs).  Have the accuracy or other factors changed when not using a site on the stomach for the G4?  Thank you in advance for any advice!

The back of my daughter's arm is the only place she likes it. The accuracy is excellent after the first day. She reacts to the adhesive so we have to protect her skin with something called silesse. It's the only thing that worked for her.

Thanks, Terry; that's really helpful.  Does she wear it vertically on her arm or horizontally?  Does it matter?  (I know they recommend horizontal placement on the abdomen.)  

On the back of her arm it is vertical. I doubt it would fit horizontally. We just got the new Dexcom G4 by the way. The receiver is much better. The inset isn't so great. Its very thick. It is supposedly less painful. Our first attempt resulted in a bent sensor wire. It didn't penetrate the skin.