DexCom G4 transmitter "non-functioning"?

I have a DexCom CGM G4 system that I had received new in 2012. I hadn’t been using it for a while (about a year) and I decided to start on it again to help regular my blood sugars…my honeymoon period seems to have ended recently and now I am having lows/highs.

When I tried starting a new sensor, my transmitter would not communicate with my keypad/BG display module. I discarded my sensor and tried another–same result. I tried calling tech support with DexCom and the representative told me that my transmitter was “no longer functioning” and I needed a new transmitter. She told me I could either get JUST a transmitter–or–a whole new system. Since it is January, my insurance has renewed its deductible and I will have to pay the entire cost out of pocket, which totals over $1050.00.

My questions are…

  1. I have only had the whole system for roughly 1.5 years. Is this all the longer transmitters last? I don’t really have $1000 to dispose of every 1.5 years.


  1. If I get JUST the transmitter for now, is the keypad/BG display module going to go bad shortly after? Has anyone else experienced this? They said that the transmitter only has a 6 month warranty and the keypad/BG module only has a 12 month warranty, so I am obviously not going to get reimbursed.

Please help =) Thanks, any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

Oh that stinks about the deductible.

I personally just had my transmitter stop working recently but it was out of warranty and insurance covered a new one. I must have had my deductible met already because it was in December. The beginning of the year is always a pain with deductibles! UGH!