Dexcom g5 communication

My 13 yr old has a dexcom g5. We can not get the sensor and the transmitter to communicate. Any advice? It is very frustrating.

Donna, the first time, it does take a few minutes for the sensor to connect to the receiver via Bluetooth. I started my Dexcom G5 3 weeks ago, and I remember being very impatient, tapping my fingers on the table, for about 12 minutes. Make sure your son keeps that receiver close to him.:wink:

I have the G5, been using for about 3 yrs now. Here are a few tips that I have learned thru trial and error.
When you start for the first time wait for the pairing to be complete. The receiver must be no more than 20 ft away! Once it pairs, then start the warm up period. This takes 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. This is a major pain in the butt. You have to be near the receiver for this period. I find it best to keep my phone( I use the iPhone and the share app), on the couch next to me and I watch a movie or some program till it’s time to calibrate. Patience is the key here. That and making sure to stay within 20 ft of the phone or the receiver.
Once calibrated, it usually works well, however it will drop data from time to time. I usually ignore this or press on the transmitter in case it has not inserted properly. Try to calibrate every 12 hrs. As close as possible to the time. I find that this helps with accuracy. I also have found that if I keep my phone in my back pocket it will drop data far more often, especially in very hot weather. So I try to keep it in my front pocket as much as I can or wear cargo shorts with the phone in the side pockets. The 20 ft thing is a pain! I’m constantly forgetting my phone somewhere. I wish I were a teen ages, so that this obsession with my phone won’t allow me to wander too far away from my phone! Lol. But you will find places in your home that you can put the phone/receiver that gives you the most “freedom” to move around.
Walls mess with it! I have plaster walls and that helps and hurts. I can go farther than 20 ft if it (the signal) bounces down the hallway. Going behind a wall, I’ll drop signal.

If it’s in my back pocket for too long I drop signal, like on a long car ride. I think the phone over heats. I also use the lifeproof cover. I can’t tell you how much this has saved me because I am constantly dropping the damn phone somehow. In the toilet, on the floor, off the dresser, etc. At night I keep it on the dresser next to the bed. Works pretty well. I can charge etc in the bathroom and it’s 25 ft away.

I also extend the sensor use to two weeks. Getting it wet will shorten the life of the sensor. I take showers without letting water hit it directly for too long. It seems to help.

When changing out the sensor area, I use mt belly just above mr pant/belt line. Make sure to clean very throughly the area around the senor attachment site. Let it dry before putting new one on! There is a little piece that pops up, don’t loose it, or sensor won’t work! Before I insert transmitter, I push it down and make sure it’s seated( the little pop up thing). When or rather before I insert the transmitter, clean the bottom with alcohol wipe, let it dry and the insert into sensor only takes a minute or so. If the insertion device breaks, you can just push it on, but makes sure to tense up muscles before doing so… it’s uncomfortable, but doesn’t hurt if you tense up.get two snaps/clicks in or it won’t work. If it drops signal, I usually press on the transmitter to make sure it’s eated properly. From time to time, it will lift one click. Not always but it has happened.
To improve accuracy I sometimes will take 3 readings and use the two closest readings as my calibration numbers. I enter in the highest reading first then the lowest. Most times I’m within in 10% of the meter. But not always! There are times I’m 50 pts or so off. Why no clue just happens.

First day can be off for first 12 hrs or so as much as 25% from meter. But after that,usually close.

Using iPhone and share app works best for me. I have vision problems and the receiver is too small for me to see. But the range is wonderful. My wife has been 800 miles away and still got data and it was during a blizzard where she was at! I was impressed with that.

I hope some of the things I mentioned help.

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You didn’t say exactly to what device you want the sensor/transmitter to communicate so it has been assumed that you are attempting to connect to something other than the Dexcom Mobile Receiver. If you can’t connect to the Dexcom receiver call Dexcom support; for other devices read Section 5 [specifically page 378] of the User Manual and be certain to enter the transmitter serial number correctly. Unlike video games, medical devices are not “Plug 'n Play” and as @Charlie4801 says, Patience …