DEXCOM G5 Mobile Sensor Kits available

Our son transitioned to the DEXCOM G6 and we have 3 boxes of G5 sensors left over. The boxes show dates of: 11-06-2019, 04-16-2020 and 09-20-2020, respectively. We also have 2 separate (out of the box but not used or opened) Animas Inset ,23"-6mm,Color :blue for use with G5. We also have a box of 10 unopened Animas 2.0 mL cartridges/resevoirs dated 08-01-2018, If someone needs these items, we will send out and ask that you pay only the postage for the same.


thank you for the kind and generous offer @cjwasilewski

Joe, Are you saying that generally; or, do you want to have some or all of these supplies? Thanks.

Yes, they are still available at this time. I can’t click onto your account name in JDRF for some reason. Let me know if you want some or all of them. There are 2 other people showing interest, I am waiting to hear back from one of you to get the process going. Please supply, name, mailing address and a way to pay for the shipping. Thank you.

They are no longer available.