Dexcom G5 sensors donation

I have 8 boxes of G5 sensors (32 sensors), which I will not be using anymore since I moved to the G6.

They are essentially all expired:
3 boxes expiring Jul/2/2019
1 box (+1 loose sensor) expired May/29/2019
2 boxes expired Mar/19/2019
2 boxes expired Nov/03/2018

They were always kept in a dry and cool place. Can send any of those to anyone who pays for shipping. PM me here if interested.


hi @danr Welcome to Type One Nation. This is very nice of you I am sure we have members looking for this @BrittanyRoy90

Thank you so much joe

I would really appreciate it if I could be considered for the dexcom g5 sensors please I can pay for shipping.

@danr. I messaged you I hope you where able to get it.

Hi everyone,

I mentioned this already in another thread, but just wanted to let you know that I’ll split the sensors between all those who reply over the weekend (deadline 8:00 AM Eastern Mon 8th, so that I can go at the post office and buy boxes).

It’s 3 of you already, and I’ll try to send a mix of newer and older sensor to everyone. If you don’t want sensors older than a certain date, let me know here or in PM.

Happy Fourth everyone!

@danr hey Danilo, just wanted to thank you for doing this. You could have thrown them out. I think it’s important to note when someone does something they clearly do not have to, and use their own time to do it.

It’s really great, and thanks again for your efforts and actions on behalf of the entire community.