Dexcom G5

Hi all! I’ve been considering getting a Dexcom G5. I have tried a Medtronic pump/CGM combo before and the CGM didn’t work very well for me. Is Dexcom better? I’m really wary about trying another CGM and I would love to hear any advice! Thanks!

Yes, the Dexcom is better. I followed the same path with the Medtronic and the enlite. It was helpful, but not always correct. I love the Dexcom 5 and only test the BG twice a day, when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Otherwise I rely on the Dexcom readings for bolus and basel advice. I do still use the receiver because I don’t always have the phone near by. I also have the Apple Watch, which I wear all the time, but without the phone near me, it does not help.

Thank you so much! I’m glad that Dexcom will be more reliable!