Dexcom G6 Alerts - Can you make alerts trigger an Echo (Alexa) to produce an alarm?

Does anyone know how to set up alerts from either the Dexcom G6 or Sugarmate to trigger an Amazon Echo to produce the alarm sound? Could I have his phone connected via Bluetooth (we also have an extra speaker that is bluetooth compatible, if that would work.) I have set Sugarmate up to call my phone for urgent lows but would like to have the Echo in my son’s room for an to alarm alert him for lows/highs while he is sleeping at night. I’m trying to take myself out of the equation to prepare him for college. We have the SonicBoom with the shaker but the sensitivity and finding a place to put it has been a challenge and has frustrated him to the point where he doesn’t want to use it. Hoping someone has found a solution for this. Thanks in Advance!