Dexcom G6 and 2yo. Advice?

So our 2.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It’s been a scary week with ICU time and coming to grips with the lifelong nature of her disease. However, we’re very thankful for all the great technology that will hopefully make things easier for her!

That’s said. The hospital gave us a Dexcom G6. Works great if the primary caregiver is within Bluetooth range. But we are trying to figure out how to deal with having multiple caretakers (mom, dad, grandmas and day care) all be able to use follow app.

We are mostly iOS users. Right now the best method we can determine seems to be getting our daughter an iPhone, installing the G6 app on that, and inviting all her caretakers to use Follow app. However, keeping an iPhone on a 2.5yo at all times may be a bit challenging and am wondering if anyone has figured out a better method (Apple Watch or similar?) where the primary receiving and broadcasting device is always on her person?

Any other Dexcom G6 advice is also very much appreciated.

So grateful for JDRF, the forum, and all the community help!

hi @Sonomaj welcome to Type 1 Nation. you can buy the cheapest wifi enabled android (or cheapest ios device - if that is even possible,

you cannot run g6 directly off a (ANY) apple watch, even the 1k$+ newest with cellular data versions (or any watch/wearable) for that matter. has to be a smart phone bluetooth enabled device, cellular data is optional but if your child is outside you wont be able to follow until they get back in wifi. one the g6 is running on a phone if that phone is paired with a watch the g6 data will be reflected/appear on the watch.

you can find a phone and essentially zip it into a pocket as you usually don’t need to access the phone locally for the g6 app… once in a very long while the app hangs and you have to go to the phone and close it and open it again.

hope this is helpful. Joe

Thanks Joe! That is very helpful. Was what I suspected, but was holding out hope for some sort of workaround. Maybe one day in the future?

On to phones - is there a very small phone that is compatible with Dexcom G6? I think iPhone 12 mini or SE may be our best bet but open to Android if anyone knows a compatible phone that is small as possible.

Hi. Here’s info from Dexcom with a link to determine compatibility. You may not need to get a brand new phone - I’ve gotten prior model iPhones off of eBay that worked just fine.
FWIW i was 3 when I was diagnosed and bg meters didn’t come along until I was out of college. By the time I was about 5 I let me parents know I “felt funny” which meant I needed something to eat. Don’t be surprised if your daughter starts communicating needs on her own when she’s a little older.
I’m nearing 60 years with Type1.

if you are going on size, then 12 mini… price, then SE. @wadawabbit has the compatibility link but “pixel 5” is worth a look. good luck!

Hi Joe,

Our 4yo was diagnosed 6 months ago. The dexcom is amazing and really helps. We have nursery, grandma and school caregivers and her pink unicorn bag of diabetes stuff just moves with her. I know it’s a little different to a 2.5 yo but it just becomes habit and if you lose range for a little while you soon remember and put the phone back in range. I’m no expert but I think the higher range requires higher power which isn’t great for wearable small tech so it’s a compromise I guess.

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