Dexcom G6 and Fitbit/apple watch

Hi! Question for anyone out there who has a Dexcom G6. I just got a Fitbit versa for Christmas and am debating switching it out for an Apple Watch series 4. I’ve been looking at reviews and they seem pretty comparable for the most part. The only thing I want to clarify is that online it says Dexcom created a partnership with Fitbit and you can get it to show your readings on your watch like the Apple Watch. Just wondering if that Is true? If not, how does the app work on the Apple watch for Dexcom because I’ve heard mix reviews on that as well! Thanks for the help!

Hi Taylor -
I have a Fitbit charge 2 and my first initial disappointment was that it did not connect to the health app on my iPhone. I needed to download a third-party app to get my steps logged into the iOS health app. So for that reason I would recommend the Apple Watch. The only thing I like better about the Fitbit is that it only has to be charged every 5 days vs apple everyday. Dexcom transmits my bg readings to the health app with a 3 hour delay (health app then transmits my readings to other supportive apps).
So if you use apple products, the apple watch might be a better way to go if you can afford the difference in cost.