Dexcom G6 and Iphone 11

Hi, I heard the iphone 11 does not work with the Dexcom g6. Does anyone use the iphone 11 with Dexcom? If so, any issues with it?

No idea where you heard this or whom you’re listening to. This information is completely false. I’ve had an iPhone 11 Pro since it was released and have had zero issues with the Dexcom App not working or Bluetooth dropouts.

I read it on Dexcom’ Facebook page. It stated “The iphone 11 is not yet compatible with Dexcom apps…”
This is good to hear. Thank you. We are upgrading my son’s phone for his Christmas gift. I was hopeful it would work. Thanks again!

I have an iphone XR, and it works perfectly well for me as well.

There is a popup every few days that states that Dexcom is still working on the latest Apple OS, but I have never experienced any issues.

You should be fine. Excellent gift for your son, by the way!!!

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An iPhone XR has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation. He specifically asked about an iPhone 11, not iPhones in general.

Hello - I just got the iphone 8 which should be fine but the IOS is 13.2.2 which doesn’t work well with the dexcom app. Clarity is fine but the app hasn’t worked correctly since I switched to this phone. If you look at the IOS listed dexcom only supports 13.1.0. So make sure u have a way to revert the IOS. The 8 came with IOS 13.2.2.

So no readings from the app to phone.

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Thank you! I appreciate your response!!

I have an iPhone 11 Pro and there are some intermittent issues, but most of the time it works.

Do you mind the itermittent issues it has? Thank you.


I am a diabetic and I have the IPhone 11 Pro and the Dexcom app works perfectly fine. Every once and a while when I first open the app it says that the app may not work well on your iOS device but then you can click ok and it works fine. There has never been an issue and it’s perfect. My mother had the Dexcom follow app on her IPhone 11 (normal) and it still works fine.

Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

I always upgrade to the latest version of iOS as soon as it becomes available and have never had an issue. With that being said, I had read about issues occurring with iOS 13.2.2 so I did wait 2 weeks before upgrading (which was when I read that they were resolved). Currently I use iOS 13.3 and while I don’t use an iPhone 11, I have never had the new phone be the issue, just the new software (which has been working fine). It does give you the pop up saying that Dexcom hasn’t finished validating the software and some things might not work yet, but everything has been perfect for me.

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I’m gonna have to get another iPhone in a few. Got an XR now… Had an 8 before. Any suggestions? I’m kinda clueless…

Hi - I was mistaken. All the other responses were correct. I was having a frustrating, dumb day and forgot about the dexcom rule of 2 devices only. I still had my 5s on and everything else transferred fine. But no readings on cell phone. I asked my phone provider and he explained that if the version was a 13 ISO the app should work regardless. Thats when I remembered the 2 rule.
So u should be fine with any 13 ISO version. Every reading is coming in fine now.

Thanks for the nasty response. Have a great day.

Excuse me? The response was nasty? Hasty maybe but ‘nasty’?
Don’t understand unless you made a typo.

That wasn’t aimed at you zoey. It was meant for Jason.