Dexcom G6 and phones/watches

My son has been successfully using the Dexcom G6, and has an Samsung s7 phone, so we can use the Follow app. He is starting the Tslim pump next week, so now he will be carrying 2 items around. I am wondering if anyone has used a smart watch, or has a smaller phone that they like. He is a very active, 10 yo, and I want to streamline his devices and make it as easy as possible.

not an android, but I use a iphone se 2 with the dexcom. I’m happy with it and its as small a phone as I know.

Hi Karen, what are the two items? The insulin pump and a phone?
His Tandem t-Slim will become his primary receiver - required if he is to use either Basal IQ [BIQ] or Control IQ [CIQ] - and the Dexcom Receiver can no longer be used. He can easily connect his S7 to receive data-from both the Dexcom transmitter and from the Tandem pump. The Dexcom app will continue connecting with your Follow.

I use an S10 phone now and find the t-Connect app to be absolutely awesome - much useful information. For instance, if he will be using the CIQ algorithm, the t-Connect app vividly displays all corrections and adjustments made by CIQ, in addition to the display of current BGL with arrow, and the graph of CGM readings during the latest 24 hours.
The t-Connect app also uploads all data to the cloud based Tandem account where it is stored for your use viewing PC/MAC reports. When using the t-Connect app, you will not need to use a wire to upload data.

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The 2 items would be his tslim and phone. Are you saying the pump has an app that we can see his sugars? My understanding was, he still will need his phone within 20ft, so the Dexcom numbers are available for us to see…

Karen @T1Dx2 , the t-Slim connects with the Dexcom G6 and displays CGM data, up to 24 hours on screen choice. He will need to have his phone within 30 feet of his body for Dexcom Follow to be functional.

I VERY strongly recommend that you download the Tandem User Manual now, read and understand before he receives the pump. He can also install the Tandem t-Slim simulator app on his S7 phone - het him get the feel of the device before going live.

T:connect is single user, not like follow. It links to one phone. You’ll need the Dexcom app for that, as another person mentioned. I’m not an android person, but if you use Facebook, try searching for watch-related posts on the “Tandem T-Slim X2 users” group, or the “CGM in the Cloud” group. I use IOS, iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 4. A watch is a great tool for your son to keep an eye on his blood glucose.

My daughter uses both the Tandem & D6. She has an Apple Watch with the Dexcom app so she can see her sugars at any time without having to get her phone out of her purse. Tandem’s phone app is great, but in class she can’t have her phone on her. They usually put in a place that is still close, but this is why we have the iwatch.

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Hi Karen, I use the tslim x2, G6, samsung s7 also. I do not use any of Dexcom’s apps. I use the open source xdrip+ app to collect the Bg numbers from the G6 using one of the two bluetooth channels from the G6. The other channel talks to the pump. The reason I use xdrip+ is so that my watch can collect the data from the G6 without having to carry my phone with me, not possible with the Dexcom app. This type of watch is referred to as a “stand alone collector”. My activities don’t blend well with me having to carry a cell phone. The watch collector then back loads the data to the app, on the phone, when they get back together. I’ve used two different stand alone watches; Sony smart watch3 (discontinued but available on ebay) and the Bluejay watch (search bluejay watch xdrip) The Bluejay is very small compared to the Sony SW3 and also has better battery life. I’ve used pumps since 1982, CGM’s since 2008. Xdrip in my opinion is by far better for me.
In order to share the Bg in real time I use Nightscout. Xdrip also will upload data to the Tidepool cloud (which my endo wants) and Dexcom share servers. For my pump I have the tconnect app on my phone which has much more data than you can access on the pump alone and I don’t have to pull the pump out of my pocket. As soon as you get the x2 be sure to learn to use the control IQ feature it’s a real life saver, especially for nighttime. Much of my daily activities the only devices I have on me is the pump in my pocket and the tiny Bluejay watch which displays BG and vibrate alarms.

The downside to what I use is that all of this open source stuff is that it takes a ton of time to set up. Since there is no one company behind the open source software all of the support comes from Social media contributors and lots of internet instructions. It takes lots of effort but for me my blood sugar contron it is superior to anything else I’ve experimented with that’s available in the US.

Be vigilant and good luck, your son will benefit enormously from the best possible Bg control.

Thank you for your thorough reply. As much as it overwhelmed me…it was exactly what I was looking for!! I needed to hear from someone who has found ways to make this whole thing work. We are just starting the pump this week, and am excited about Control IQ. I am a 670g user myself, so the closed loop system is something I know…however, they have definitely found more features that are important. Im looking forward to the improved control. He just hit his 1 yr diagnosis date, and shots aren’t a big deal, but can’t control things the way a pump can.
It also sounds like one of these pump companies needs to talk to the community to set up better options, like you discovered…it shouldn’t be this hard to make their products work for our lifestyles!

Thanks for the reply…we just watched the YouTube videos to get more familiar with the features. I wear a 670g so, he has seen me do a lot of this and learning.
I’m excited for the Control IQ system!