Dexcom g6 and Tandem Tslim x2

Dexcom support wasn’t as helpful as I would have liked on this issue so I’m hoping someone here might have an answer for me. I started a new transmitter today and I think I was 1 session early (after the last time, I’m ok with this, that last session with the first transmitter was awful). I usually only input new sensors and whatnot on my pump and the dexcom app catches up later - this time, however, it still thinks I’m using the old transmitter.

My question is - do you think if I pair the new transmitter with the app will it mess anything up? I’ve successfully used both apps on my phone since starting the pump back in July/August and have only had an issue once when I accidentally started a sensor on both the app and the pump and then I had to put on a new sensor. I don’t have any spares this time so if this messes up I’m stuck because insurance won’t cover my next month of sensors until closer to this one being up.

Dexcom told me that they don’t recommend using both apps and said to uninstall one or the other, however, that doesn’t seem to make sense to me because I know people use the Follow app on others who use the tslim, so it would only make sense that they use both apps? My parents and husband use the Follow app for me so I want my dexcom app to work, but I also want to use the Tconnect app to monitor things and have been able to do so for months without issue. I mainly don’t want to risk screwing this sensor up immediately since I have no backups, if I have to pair the transmitter at the end of this sensor and it dies, so be it - I’ll just have to tell them they can’t monitor me for the next 10 days. Just looking to see if anyone else has had this issue or had a rep tell them they can’t use both apps.

Hi @xgoingdownx. I use the Dexcom app with my Omnipod and it’s been a while since I used TSLIM so I don’t want to tell you the wrong thing about that. But Dexcom should replace sensors that do not last the full 10 days - or that you’re not able to start up.
Did you request a replacement for the sensor you accidentally started? If not, give them a call. It’s best to report issues right away but I’ve called after the fact and they’ve sent a replacement - in fact I did it just the other day.

Lauren @xgoingdownx, based on my experience, you should not have any problem with now going through the setup with a new transmitter serial number on the phone app - and what you do will not affect the connection to your t-Slim [where you entered the new serial number] or the t-connect app.

Right now, your phone is searching for your old transformer which is not in contact with a sensor. Once you enter the Transmitter Serial Number, and sensor 4-digit code, in your phone app it will reflect the same status as your Tandem. As a note, “Follow” connects only with your phone and not with the sensor or with the pump.

I hope the above is not too confusing. Another couple of thoughts: your t-Slim connects directly with the sensor transmitter and becomes Primary Receiver; the t-Connect app connects [is paired with] only the pump and not with the sensor. Your phone is Secondary Receiver.


When I did that before, yes. I hadn’t tried pairing the new transmitter to my Dexcom app yet. I was afraid to ruin a sensor :sweat_smile: (because I rely on sleep mode to keep me from lows at night, having the dexcom 24/7 is invaluable to me, being a day or two without one while using the pump is not possible from what I’ve noticed)
Gotta love insurance being so limiting this year- I have to order my next prescription closer to a few days out or they won’t pay! (They won’t even let me get 2 vials of insulin at a time because it gives me 34 days & not 30 :roll_eyes:)
@Dennis thanks! I asked this question on another app & got a similar answer. I feel better about pairing the new transmitter now that the pump is fully connected & others have done this without issue. I really didn’t understand why the Dexcom support rep acted like no one used both apps!!

If you’re cutting your insulin too close ask your doctor to write you a new rx increasing your daily dosage a bit. It may be they haven’t taken into account the insulin that is wasted in the tubing, or the fact that some days you simply use more than “average,” so you need more of a buffer.

That’s my plan. I see my doctor on the 20th & I’ll have her rewrite the prescription. I’m just thankful that my pharmacy let me know what was going on! My doctor is really good about working with me on stuff like that.

I usually enter the sensor code into my tandem pump and my phone app. If I remember correctly once I had to enter in the phone a no code start up and the code into the] pump. If dexcom can’t help I’ve called tandem for help. I usually call dexcom for help. But have a hard time understanding the agent sometimes. Hope you get it figured out.

I just entered the transmitter serial number into the app & as soon as I did & it connected things got back to normal. I skipped entering the sensor altogether because it automatically picked it up. The one time I entered codes in both the app & my pump, things errored out & I had to completely replace the sensor, which is why I wasn’t wanting to chance that again! But yeah, it all worked out!

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I’m glad for you. Have a great week and keep on pumping. :smile::smile:

Hi Lauren,

I use both the Dexcom App and the Tandem App on my phone with no problem. The only time I have to enter anything into my Dexcom App is when I start a new transmitter. The Dex App will not update it anymore, since the update. It is frustrating, but what can we do? A new sensor will still update automatically, but a new transmitter will not.

Hope this helps!

Pam K.

Thanks! I did end up getting it to work without messing anything up. Good to know about the update, though. (I still don’t get why the Dexcom rep made it seem like no one used both apps…)

Lauren @xgoingdownx, in “thanks” for posting this Topic. A couple of days after I thought through the situation [to respond to you as I did earlier], my Dexcom readings stopped andI received a message to change both transmitter and sensor and all went smoothly because it was fresh in my memory.

As far as the Dexcom Representative, I think it is imperative that you make a report directly to Dexcom. Shortly after every time I call Dexcom I receive an email asking about the service representative, notably the representative’s subject knowledge; I respond honestly.