Dexcom G6 Android app doesn't give transmitter battery warning

Is anyone else having the same issue?

For two transmitter cycles now, I’ve noticed that the dexcom g6 app on my Android phone doesn’t give any warning that the transmitter battery is expiring. This led me to be without a transmitter while I waited for a replacement to arrive.

The first time this happened, I called it in to dexcom and they told me to try using the receiver. So this time I used both the receiver and the app simultaneously, and the receiver gave me the warning but the app did not.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, this is a critical problem that dexcom needs to fix.

Also, this is not the first time I’ve had problems with failed alerts.

Back when I was using a g4, the speaker failed after a few months of use, giving no audible alerts. I had to have three or four receivers replaced. Every time I would explain the situation to dexcom, and nobody ever acknowledged to me that this was an ongoing issue or that they had heard about the problem before.

As you may know, eventually, dexcom issued a recall about a year later, and finally the reps acknowledged to me that this was a manufacturing issue.

I don’t appreciate the gaslighting from Dexcom on these kinds of issues and wish the reps would take proactive measures and reassure me that these alert errors will be escalated and followed up on.

I am mostly happy with my G6, but this is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed.

Hi Adam @schleima , I use an Android app on my Samsung S-10 phone and have always received a message that my transmitter “will expire” in 23 days. I also get a 30 day G6 Transmitter expiration notice on my Tandem t-Slim infusion pump.

I’m not having that issue but I’ll share an experience that might apply. I use G6 and keep a Freestyle Libre as an emergency backup. A while back it was on backorder at my pharmacy, and they suggested I try the pharmacy in the grocery store next door. No luck there either - the pharmacist told me that nearby stores often get their products from the same supplier; so I tried one near my church, which is several miles away, and they had it.
It may not be likely but I wonder if your medical supply company (or whoever you get them from) might be getting theirs from a supplier that in turn is getting defective products? I just thought I would toss that in - you never know. I hope your experience improves.