Dexcom G6 App suddenly stopped working

On Tuesday morning last week I got a message from my Dexcom G6 app that my phone was no longer supported. On Monday night it was. I called Dexcom and they have sent it to their technical support team. They promised a resolution in 24 to 48 hours and I have not heard back.
In the meantime I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times and emptied the cache. Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution. Thanks in advance Stewart.

Yikes! What phone do you have? I have an iPhone and wonder if you did a recent upgrade? Some Apple issues swear upgrades cause issues, but I’ve never had a problem with my apps - diabetes or otherwise - after doing one.
Have you loaded any new apps? There could be a conflict.
I use a vpn and I have to turn it off for a couple of my apps to work. Dexcom is not one in my case but it is something to check.

All shots on the dark here but I thought I would share - you never know when you might hit something. Do you have a Dexcom receiver you can use in the meantime?

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Best case scenario, you get a free new Dexcom from them, in all honesty I’ve had my fair share with what I’d assume to be not necessarily caused by but allowed to happen by the suits at the top of the corpo honestly, if it’s not the Dexcom then you may have compatibility issues between the phone model and your CGM, earlier models may be glitchy I’ve heard, though I’ve never seen this happen myself

Thank you both for your responses. First I am also using the pump so I can’t use the receiver. I have an android.
My problem is the app was working fine until last Tuesday. The support kind of glossed over it but I think they did an update and now it doesn’t work on my phone. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem ?

@Hertz4319 Don’t have the problem here, don’t have an Android, but best to keep on Dexcom by calling back and directly asking for tech support (if you don’t have a direct number, when txfrd, ask what department your speaking with, vice asking if they are tech support, to ensure you got to the right people and not just traded to another Cust Serv rep). I’ve found the actual tech support people to be the helpful; Dexcom Cust Serv seems only interested in denying, delaying, and trying everything they can to avoid responsibility or transferring a call to someone that can solve the issue (my experience anyway).

Have you checked your phone model compatibility?
I have an iPhone so this might not carry over to android, but at a certain point older model phones aren’t compatible any more with any of the dexcom apps (clarity, share, the monitoring app). For example, I had an iPhone 6 (from 2014) when I got my dexcom. A year later I had to get a new phone because the iPhone 6 software was too old and no longer ‘safe’ to work with any of my medical apps.
Hopefully you can get this sorted out soon! Technology is a blessing and a curse.

I don’t have dexcom but 6 months ago my phone updated and i couldn’t access my medtronics pump for a couple weeks.

Welcome to my world. My sons phone did the same thing over a month ago…we’re still waiting

Stewart @Hertz4319, from what I’ve seen the issue is not because of what Dexcom “may” have done, but rather what you/your phone did.
The new android update version has been rolling out and based on the message posted on my android phone Dexcom app cautioned that the app would not work properly until the user visits the device apps section and selects “allow” - or something like that.

You may remember when you originally loaded the Dexcom app there was a caution that we should disable automatic system updates to avoid this issue - I ignored the caution and let my phone automatically update.

The US versions of the Dexcom G6 and G7 support connecting to the Dexcom receiver, a device running the G6/G7 app and a pump simultaneously. source

I’d really like to know what device you are using, the version of Android and the version of the G6 app is.

Dennis is likely correct. The Dexcom G6 Android app was last updated in June, over 6 months ago. So if something changed, it’s likely your phone, and a system update is the most likely issue. You should be able to check your system update history in your phone’s settings.

I know this issue is with Android but many years ago I was having trouble with my iPhone following an update, and Apple told me I could go back to the prior version by restoring my phone to a backup I did before I updated it.
It’s been so long now I don’t recall if I even did it much less how things turned out; and I don’t know if you can reverse an update that way but it might be worth researching.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. Actually it is an issue with dexcom. They did an upgrade to the app and it effected a lot of different android brands. Last I heard from dexcom they fixed the Samsung models. According to who I spoke to they are working there way down the list. Again thanks for everyone’s input. Much appreciated as always. Stewart.