Dexcom G6 Applicator Issue

I’ve been using the Dexcom G6 for almost a year now. This last shipment of sensors I’d received has to be defective or something! I’ve had 5 out of 7 sensors I’d tried get stuck in me. It’s painful because the needle from the applicator won’t retract and so it stays in me as I try to peel it off. Is anyone else having this issue?

YESS!!! I have no idea why they’re like this, and I even switched to another pump for a bit but decided that I’d rather the Dexcom.


Hey, I’m in the same boat. Definitely angry right now. I just went to replace my 9 yo daughter’s G6 and both sensors back to back failed. On the first one my husband tried to pry it out of the applicator and you can see where it broke and part of the sensor is still stuck in the applicator - the needle was sticking out as well, but we broke it off. Second one we just pulled it off of her because it clearly was having the same issue. I’m so peeved. I finally snagged another applicator the doc had given us at our last appointment. I think it’s a lot issue and every one in our new shipment is from the same lot!! :rage:

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I have had over 50% failure rate for months. I’ve lost count on how many sensors I have had replaced and how many replacements have also jammed.

Every 10 days I get very stressed and anxious as pulling out jammed sensors is usually painful (needle still in skin and not easy to pull the adhesive when the inserted is attached) and every so often it causes me to bleed everywhere.

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Omg yesss! I’m so glad I have found people that understand this! I have been using the g6 for 1.5 years now and only in recent months this has started to happen to me! I was so shocked at first and it was difficult to remove the jammed sensor!!! It happened again the next month and literally just now twice BACK TO BACK! Dexcom just keep telling me to send them back but this is not good enough… I feel like they have started using a cheaper manufacturer or something to save money and we are suffering because of it! I self fund the dexcom for myself and it’s blinking expensive for the sensors just to get stuck in you and having to rip them out your stomach! EEEK!!!


I’ve had this happen to me now at least 7 times in the last 3 months. Just happened again 3 times in a row, now I’m out of sensors. They are good about sending new ones, but man I’m frustrated. They ask for the Lot number and I give it to them, and then they send me more sensors from the same Lot number! At least give me a different Lot number in hopes it might just be that Lot. I asked Tech support last time it happened if this was an issue, and he said he’d only heard one other case. I thought maybe I wasn’t pressing the button hard enough, and maybe it was my fault. But I’ve had the G6 since it’s inception, and this has only happened recently, as I said earlier. After googling and finding this forum, I at least know it’s not just me, and there is definitely an issue.

So what is the lot number everyone is experiencing this with? Curious to see if everyone has the same lot.

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We are beyond disappointed! We have been fighting with insurance for weeks to get the G6 and then counting down the shipping days for its arrival. My poor 11-year old daughter who is already anxious about EVERYTHING had two sensors in a row get stuck to her with the applicator jammed into them. What a nightmare first experience with a CGM for a new diagnosed T1D. She was so looking forward to freedom from some of the finger sticks that she has to do at school and we were ALL looking forward to the possibility of sleeping through the night without getting up every three hours for glucose checks. Dexcom is pushing back on replacing the shipment.

Our Lot # 7266738
Another video online with 8 failed sensors out of 9 is Lot # 7265561

I am also disappointed and irritated. I just started the dexcom about 25 days ago. First, my transmitter broke within 12 days, shortly after I put on a new sensor. 1 sensor down. They sent a new transmitter and new sensor. Went to put that sensor in and I dont know what happened but it was extremely painful and had to be taken out. 2 sensors down. The next one worked and expired tonight. When I went to put in my new sensor I had 2 failed applications. The applicator would not come off of the sensor. I have now gone through 6 sensors in 25 days. I had a Freestlye Libre before and loved it but unfortunately it wasn’t very accurate. I would give anything to go back to that one at this point.

Lot # 5267729

On a side note I have a Medtronic insulin pump. Anytime they find an issue they send out notification of the lot number and if you have any from that lot you send them back and they send new ones. I wonder why Dexcom has not done the same. I will ask that tomorrow when I call them.

Hi Susanne - I feel your frustration! I persisted and Dexcom finally (FINALLY) agreed to replace my entire shipment of sensors after 3 in a row failed to release from 3 separate boxes in the same shipment. Those original failing sensors were manufactured in December of last year. The new sensors that they sent have all been from the end of January 2020 and so far so good. It really is an amazing device and we are so grateful to have it. I hope that your experience improves so that you can enjoy the benefits of having it. I’m not sure why they had (have?) so many glitchy things, but enough people have success that I am hoping that it’s just some initial growing pains with the newer version. Good luck :blue_heart:

I just got off the phone with Dexcom. I have had 5 sensors not release in the last 3 changes(30 days). I have had issues with every lot I received for the past 6 months. I was actually just told that Dexcom is aware of the issue with the G6 but they are only taking the information about the defective sensors and replacing them because they are working on the release of the G7. I told the woman that doesn’t help me because my insurance will not make me eligible for the G7 anytime soon. I just got the G6. This is so frustrating!!! Known issue but doesn’t seem to be anything being done to fix.

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We got a shipment of 6 of these with the same lot number as yours. 3 of them did not retract. the one that did only gave us reading for about 18-20 hours a day. I’m going to see if Dexcom will take the other 2 back and replace them because they must have an issue with this lot number.

Dexcom eventually replaced my shipment and so far the replacements have been fine. It seems like the sensors dated for December have issues. So far any new ones from late January or later seem to be OK. Good luck!!

My daughter has just had 5 faulty ones stuck in her in a row! We must have faulty boxes but Dexcom only replace one at a time. It is so painful for her and she has been in tears every time. We tried the 5th one last night and she had me crying! She now refuses to use it and I am going to have trouble convincing her to try again I will be ringing Dexcom on Monday and Diabetes team. Wish Dexcom would sort this out.

Hi @Hen51. It’s super frustrating when you can’t get your supplies when you need them. I haven’t had many sensor issues but when I have tech support has always overnighted them to me when I call. If you have a rep you work with maybe they can help.
You may not like this idea but I keep a Freestyle Libre on hand as backup - my doctor prescribed it but I do have a larger copay than with my regular insurance, I guess because I use Dexcom. I prefer swiping to get my readings in lieu of doing fingersticks. And I understand the Freestyle 2 has alerts.
My transmitter battery will be up in several days, and in order to coordinate starting the new transmitter with a new sensor and avoid possibly wasting the old one (which may not be necessary but I like to do it) I decided to Freestyle it for a while. Doing that now and then buys me a little extra G6 sensor time, if that makes sense.
I understand that may not work for you but I wanted to toss it out there as an option.
In other forums people have shared success with removing an inserter by whacking it with a hair brush or a spoon. Shouldn’t be necessary but apparently it works.

I’m curious if anybody has tried to use the button protector to release a stuck applicator? I’ve read where that orange protector will fit in a hole and release a stuck applicator.

I knew I’d read about something like that a while back! In fact I think someone on the forum referred to a video demonstrating it. I wasn’t able to find it online - thankfully I haven’t needed to use it.