Dexcom G6 Bleeding

Hello everyone! I have been a diabetic for 12 years and am 20 years old. I am a very active college athlete who has been wearing a Dexcom since I was like 12, and I have never had any real big issues up until the past 2 months. I have been having issues with my sensor staying accurate. I have tried letting the system fix itself knowing its not perfect, and I have only had 1 successful sensor to last the whole 10 days in the past month. I feel like I am just going through them like water. My biggest problem right now with my suspected inaccuracies is bleeding when inserting my sensor. I do not have a lot of bleeding when I am inserting, but just a little underneath where the needle goes in. I have called Dexcom about the issue and they said it should be fine, but I always seem to have issues when I have blood after insertion. This last sensor did great the first 24 hours up until I took a shower and the dried blood seeped out onto the adhesive. This is when I started to get big inaccuracies. I am just looking for some direction on this issue and any helpful hints to how I can solve this problem.

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Hi @poldham6 welcome to Type One Nation. I have the G6 and I have had a bunch of them bleed and a few failures as well. I have not noticed that blood is the end/death of a sensor. I have heard complaints where all of a sudden there are many failures and it seems (this is a guess) to happen from time to time and then stop. I can say that the g6 likes to be on me where there’s a little bit of cushion. They hurt more and bleed more near muscle. Are you tending to use them in the same spots or do you have 4or 6 spots you can rotate through? Just a thought. Dehydration is an issue for me and making sure I’m getting enough water does make a difference.

For me the first day is the weird one. I get choppy signals and my sensors all read very low. I don’t calibrate the first 24 I simply ignore it. After 24 hours I check against a finger stick in the morning and if I need to calibrate I get the best results when my bs is steady and below 150. Then I typically get 9 good days afterwards. Hope you are getting replacements from Dexcom. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi Paige,
I have been using a Minimed 670G for about 5 years now, and I occasionally develop bleeding at the site of insertion of a sensor. My experience has been that most of the time when I develop a bleed, I start to get inaccurate readings from that site between several to 24 hours later. Because of this, I try to avoid these particular locations for future sensor insertions. Fortunately, I have not experienced bleeding in too many locations. I suspect the bleeding is due to the puncturing of small blood vessels that one’s eyes just cannot perceive when inserting a sensor.

Do you take aspirin? It can thin the blood, making it harder to stop bleeding. Some herbs and herbal meds can do the same.

So I’ve noticed you said the same “site” singular, have you considered trying out a new spot? Good luck either way

I normally rotate all the time, but recently I have only been able to have successful ones on my upper buttock area. I do not have much fat on my body and that is the place I have the most. I used to always put them on my stomach, but I have found that spot to be difficult recently.

Does anyone find the replacement sensors they get to be more difficult than the ones that they get from prescription from their pharmacy? Most of the ones I get when my new shipment comes in to be better than the ones that I get as replacements.