Dexcom G6 download data to computer. What App?

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to figure out what software or App I need to download (to iMac) my 3 months data from my Dexcom G6 monitor. I found in research a “Dexcom Software” but i don’t think thats it because it opens up empty?

thanks for your time.

I think it’s called Clarity and there is information in the Dex user manual and on the Dex website here

THANKS…doing it now…does it automatically only give a 14 day view, or can you set it to a 3 month view?

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Oh I am sorry Mary. I don’t know much more, I don’t even have a Dex yet! Hoping one of our subject matter experts chime in. @Dennis @mikefarley

Hi Mary @Disco2, if you have Dexcom Clarity on your computer [download at] , when you log in the screen currently displays the latest two weeks. Such as today’s logon shows " 14 days Mon Sep 14, 2020 - Sun Sep 27, 2020 "; just to the right you will notice a “pencil” indicating you may edit this line.

If you click on the pencil, a drop-down opens giving choices; you may select any of the four choices or enter your own “custom report” of up to 90 consecutive days.

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thanks so much…really a helpful tool.

Hi Mary, Is this the first time you are checking your Clarity report? It opens up to the 14 day view. If you click on the pencil to the right of the date, it shows different possibilities - 7, 14, 30, and 90 days. Click on whichever one you want to check.
Its cool to compare the numbers. I’m not sure if it will show all those ranges the first time you log on.
Did you know you can share these reports with your cde and endo. I’m going to use my report and the next one for my Inpen for my Virtual -check with my endo on Wednesday.

I just saw that Dennis already answered your question.
I feel good when I see that my A1c looks so much better since I began using the Inpen Smart Pen and App System the beginning of February. Maybe it will continue to improve as I learn to adjust my dose as needed, without over correcting and over treating.

Hi Sally yes I managed to download clarity and see the 14 day analysis. Really good to do - a solid proof I’m doing just fine. My Endo appointment was postponed till July, but it’s fine because I’m doing really well. Hope u r too and getting used to the pen. All the best! Mary