Dexcom G6 FOLLOW App Alarms on iPhone 11Pro

I use the Dexcom Follow App to monitor my adolescent daughter’s G6 readings. Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 11Pro and iOS 13/now14 my Dexcom Follow App alarms will not make a sound if my phone is locked or the app is closed. I have had extensive conversations with Apple to ensure that the settings on my phone are all correct to “allow notifications when phone is locked” and all Dexcom says is that the app isn’t certified for that version yet. I know that people with the regular Dexcom App for their own device don’t have this problem. It just seems to be the Follow app. It has been almost a year now so I am wondering if anyone has figured out a way around it or if there is some other problem that I am not addressing. It is crazy that I have to keep my phone unlocked with the display on all of the time. It drains my battery like crazy!