Dexcom G6 had wildly off reading!

Sorry, typo in my previous response! I’m approved for a Tandem T-slim (not for a talking pump!!!)!

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I always calibrate the sensor after the warm-up is done. I don’t trust the G6 anymore and try to do everything I can to get it to work right.

I’m confused. My Tandem X2 with the latest software doesn’t talk? I can’t find any info about a talking pump. Is this a feature for the visually impaired?

Yes, @GNB! It is so frustrating. I’ve never heard of doing a start up without entering the 4 digit number (I’m assuming this is the same as taking a photo of the barcode…? which is what I usually do because #lazy). I’ll try that next time. I’ve had this current sensor in for half a day and just had lunch so I’m no longer “urgent low” but I have a feeling it will swing the other way, and give me super high inaccurate readings. I’m going to not touch anything for 24-48 hours and see if the readings even out. I’ll manually test/dose and just pretend I’m not wearing it for now.

If you don’t enter the 4 digit code when starting a new sensor, the system will require you to do a calibration every 12 hours.

Sorry, I use predictive texting. I meant to say that ‘I put my Tandem TSlim pump on hold‘ but the predictive texting feature put in ‘tslim talking pump’! I am so sorry for any confusion! I should have proofread before I hit send!!

Thanks! Much appreciated. I’ll try that next time.

Yes, just like the G5, Jason and Amy. At this point, if that makes it more accurate, I’m more than happy to use that method. I love the latest and greatest technologies, but I have to admit that I want my G5 back!

All good. My Google keyboard on my iPhone likes to substitute words for me all the time that add confusion to a conversation

I was fine with calibrating the G5 every 12 hours. I’ve never liked the no calibration needed on the G6. They should have required at least one every 24 hours.

Get it. I love my Tandem X2. The basal-iq is phenomenal.

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Glad to hear you like your t-slim, Jason! My diabetic educator just got back to me and she is having the same issue with her G6! . She likes my idea of self-calibrating every 12 hours rather than entering the 4 digit code. She is going to do the same with her next sensor as well. Will post the results in the next 10-12 days!

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I’m going to use your 2 calibrations a day method on my next sensor. Good luck!

You too! Will be interesting.

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If this method works, I’ll have no issues with letting my pump control my insulin delivery on its own when control-iq comes out.

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Changed my sensor last evening and did not enter the four digit number. In essence, when bypassing this option, you go back to calibrating twice per day, just like was required for the G5. Early results: calibrated this morning after 12 hours and there was only a difference of 4!! It’s still early, but it’s starting out much better than I’ve experienced over the past few months using the ‘no calibration’ method. Will send an update in a few days. Feeling really good about the results so far!!!

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This morning, mine was screaming 50, not compressing it and i was actually 119. Sensor was a day old

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I’m trying to decide if all this insurance run around is worth switching from guardian Medtronic to dexcom.

Is there such a thing as a talking pump? I am visually impaired

You can use a dexcom cgm and ask siri what your number is and she will audibly tell you your reasing. Not sure about a pump though