Dexcom G6 input

We rarely get 10 days out of a sensor. I think we’ve gotten replacements for the last four sensors we’ve used. It’s getting to the point that I feel like telling the tech to just send out a replacement for us every 8 days. It’s really getting ridiculous and yes it is MADDENING!

As far as readings being off, yes, we experience that as well. We find that staying hydrated helps dramatically. However, even with my son’s fluid intake causing his eyeballs to float, the readings are at times way off, trends don’t match blood sugar, etc. I sure hope the G7 is better whenever it is released. Then, its probably another year until all the problems are worked out.

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I had problem with G6 sensors not lasting 10 days. I switched to installing on my arm (underneath bicep) and since then they have been lasting 9-10 days. Give it a try.