Dexcom G6 insertion stuck

Hello all, just now I going to replace dexcom G6 sensor for my 2yo daughter. This is the third sensor she uses since she diagnoses with T1D. But it’s happen not like 2 sensor before. The insertion process not going well. We try to put the sensor on her abdomen. But Sensor stuck in the inserter. So we need no remove the sensor. And we find out that the insertion needle wont reatract. So sensor stuck on it. Do anyone ever experience the same thing? Is it malfunction or something we do is incorrect?

Hi @miMan. It’s been a few hours since you posted and I hope you got some help from Dexcom support. A while back there were several posts from people who had the same problem - the inserter would not retract and - I’m sorry to say this sorry since your daughter is so young - it was extremely painful to try to remove. People had success whacking it with a spoon or hairbrush, techniques of that nature. It seemed to be related to a particular lot number: I don’t know whIch one but I imagine Dexcom should confirm if the lot you have falls into if it and I believe they should replace the entire package - they might ask you to return the ones you have including the sensor you used, so they can investigate, but by all means take instruction from them.
I started on the G6 this spring and have not encountered the problem. I hope your baby is okay.

I had the same thing happen a few months ago. It was the entire box. After 3 tries with no success and a few bruises, I just put it off for a night. I called the next day and Dexcom replaced the entire box but also asked for the malfunctioning ones back. They sent a return package all postage paid.

I can imagine that it is very frustrating and scary with a 2 year old. Technology for people with diabetes has so much improved but every now and then it malfunctions. Hope it was resolved for you

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I have had this happen a few times and giving inserter a healthy whack with a butter knife has always gotten it loose. HTH!

Thank you all. Just called dexcom that day and they will replaced it the sensor. They do remind me again not to put pressure on the inserter when pushing the orange button. Hopefully it never happen again.

Hi tech products, low tech solutions! You have to live the simple things…:blush:

I’ve been a long time Dexcom user and in this past year I’ve had significant issues with this specific problem. This last lot that I received out of 7 sensors I tried, 5 of them got stuck. I have to peel it and off and hope it doesn’t bleed a lot. I’ve called Dexcom irate as this consistently happens to me. Some boxes seem Ok and others are a nightmare. This is seriously making me consider switching but I’ve never used any other. Customer support can only replace the failed sensors so tonight I tried 3 in a row on the phone with no success. So sorry your little one has to suffer because of this. I wish Dexcom would do something about this.

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If anyone is having issues with the needle not retracting or releasing upon use my dad and I discovered if you separate the plastics (white and grey) there are no screws so a small flathead screwdriver will suffice to separate with careful manipulation it will expose components to allow you to retract needle manually and still use sensor.

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I also had the same problem at roughly the same time (I’m 42, T1 diagnosed 4 yrs. ago) used Dexcom G6 almost exclusively since they came out only had the G5 for a few months. Ended up just ripping them off and calling Dexcom and they, of course, made it right and also asked for the sensor and Sensor applicator device.

interestingly, one of the applicators fell and hit the floor as I was packing them up and the impact made the needle retract - so there was definitely something happening with certain batches and the Mechanism. Dexcom assured me that I didn’t do anything wrong and if you’d inserted any number of them successfully then you know what you’re doing and it was just a device issue.

Hi there,

I have had 4 sensors with the retracting issue, at times consecutively. I have called and escalated this issue and all I have been advised is that Dexcom is aware of this and currently looking into it. It is unacceptable and it should be a priority for Dexcom to get this rectified.

During one of the retraction issue incidents, it was my last sensor therefore, I ran out and purchased a Freestyle Libre at our local drugstore. However, although I like the Libre, I prefer the monitoring of the Dexcom. With the Libre I still need to wake up and check the numbers where as the Dexcom alerts highs and lows. I called Abbott and they mentioned that the Frestyle Libre 2 will be available to us soon. I understand it is available in the US already. Can anyone confirm if it is like the Dexcom regarding its live alarms/alerts during highs/lows?

I have an RX for the Libre as a backup but have not used the Libre2 which had optional alerts. Here’s a link to info on the Libre2:

I don’t mind swiping periodically to check my numbers, and typically wake up overnight so I do one - but I’ll look into an RX for the 2 as an added safety measure, thanks for your reminder.

Thank you for the link.

I will be purchasing the Libre 2 when it’s available here. Like the original one, it’s always a good back-up to have.

Or definitely beats finger sticks, that’s for sure!