Dexcom g6 itchy damaged skin

Hello Everyone— hope all are well and healthy. So I have noticed, really only the last two sensor changes, I become extremely itchy and after removing my dexcom sensor sticky, my skin is so red, itchy and almost blistered with red skin to the point it may scar my stomach. Any suggestions or things I can do to minimize this discomfort? Thanks!!

Hi Michelle @Mlp1124, I can imagine your irritation [really, no pun intended] to have this suddenly happen. After removing my G6, my skin sometimes itches a bit but I don’t experience what you see and feel. How long have you been using G6? And, do you use any skin prep to make it stick better?

A couple of factors MAY contribute to what has suddenly happened, and I’m assuming that you have ruled out infection from contamination; a change in your diet??? A change in soap or body wash???

Also, and we may hear from others, but I haven’t heard this yet from DexCom, the adhesive could be different now because of the problems some people have experienced with sensors falling off. The G6 sensors I received today [packaged May 25, 2020] came in a new-style box; this might indicate that other manufacturing changes have been made.

Hi - my son (t1d for 6 years) has had this problem. His skin would be super itchy & look like it had chemical burns when we took the sensor off. There are lots of skin preps out there but what has worked best for him is nasal steroid spray - like Nasonex or Flonase. Spray it on the site and let it air dry, then apply the sensor. It made a huge difference.

My 10 yo has had this problem. Seems to be linked to the skin staying wet and/or getting sweaty, and getting trapped. We made some changes, and this is what is helping…we start with using skin tac on the site, then apply the sensor, then use an overlay patch. The skin tac seems to be the most useful - acts as a barrier and adhesive. Hope this helps!

Thank you for all the responses! I look forward to trying suggestions for some relief!!!

O have the same problem since the last four sensors. I contacted Dexcom technition. They have changed the adhesive and a lot of people have this problem, you’re not alone. They are working to find a suitable adhesive. When the adesive will be ready is anyone’s guess.
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Interesting. Really frustrating as well. My stomach is getting really beat up :frowning:



Hi Michelle - I have been using Dexcom for @ 5-6 yrs now and have always broken out from the adhesive. For me the newer adhesive is actually less irritating. What I do is wash the area with antibacterial soap because alcohol can cause irritation as well as the adhesive. I then spray an allergy spray on my skin ( I use the Costco copy of Flonase, but any allergy med should do the same thing). Once that is dry, I put a light layer of Pepto Bismal on the area (to counteract the acidity of the adhesive) and let it dry. Finally, I coat the area with a skin barrier wipe and then place my sensor. I started out with the Pepto Bismal and it worked for a while, but I started to break out again. Then I added the skin barrier, but was still red and itchy. Searching here and on the ADA site, I found a suggestion to use an allergy cream, so I added the “Flonase” and it worked. I have also tried several skin barrier wipes. The one I am using now is Skin Tac, which holds the sensor on for the full 10 days. There are several brands to choose from though (check Skin Barrier Wipes on Amazon - that’s where I get mine!). This is what works for me, but you may not need all of these.

I’d suggest taking it one step at a time. Try a skin barrier wipe. If that doesn’t do the trick, add some Pepto ( and yes, my dermatologist is aware of what I am using). If it is an allergy, one or a combination of things may help. The trick is finding which work for you!

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Thanks so much for all the insight and great tips. I have tried the Flonase in this most recent sensor change and so far I already see and feel less irritation. Hoping this is my solution!!!

You can also put a hydrocolloid pad underneath the sensor to block Dexcom adhesive from skin, it works for my 13 year old son.

Thanks I’ll try it. Flonase helped for a little but I think the excessive moisture between sweat and swimming is too much. Still experiencing horrible rashes :disappointed:

Thanks I am going to try a wipe. Flonase appeared to be working but not so much now :persevere:

Hi there— thanks for the reply. I have tried the Flonase and it seemed to work better but by the end of the ten days my stomach is severely itchy and irritated. No, I haven’t used a skin barrier but after reading these responses again, this may be my next go to. Seems skin tax wipes are the favorite?