Dexcom G6 Receiver and Mobile app

We are new user of Dexcom G6. My son is planning to use receiver and myself/my wife are planning to use Dexcom Follow app. Can we use follow app with the receiver?

No. The G6 user has to be using a phone as the receiver with the G6 app, with either a constant cellular or wifi connection to allow the app to upload the information to the Dexcom servers. The Dexcom receiver does not have this capability.

No. Your son will need to use a PHONE for you to use the Dexcom follow app.
The follow app uses Data (internet), and the only way for it to get the data from the cloud is from the “receiver app” which is on a phone.
The transmitter talks to the receiver via Bluetooth but the receiver does not talk to anything.
The transmitter talks to specific models of phones via Bluetooth via a app. Those apps talk to Dexcom Clarity. Clarity talks to Dexcom Follow app. And “you” his parents or loved ones can follow his blood glucose.
No phone = No Dexcom Clarity = No Dexcom Follow app.

Thanks All. So just to confirm-

My son should use Dexcom Clarity app on phone and we parents should use Dexcom Follow App, correct?

No. Your son will need to use the Dexcom G5 or Dexcom G6 app depending on what system he using.
Like my previous post
APP -> clarity -> follow
And YOU CAN NOT BYPASS the Dexcom G5 or Dexcom G6 app. You do NOT need the clarity app… Clarity is Dexcom’s mainframe, so you in reality can not just use clarity… you need a specific android or any Apple iPhone that is 5s or newer with the apps.

I am attaching a pic that shows the APPS that you ARE REQUIRED to use depending on what system you use. This is from the Apple iTunes Store. I marked them with blue.

Thanks for all your inputs