Dexcom g6 sensor coming off the white patch!

Has anyone had this happen before?! I’ve only heard of the patch coming off the skin, not the sensor coming off the patch :woman_facepalming:t3:. I contacted dexcom and they’re sending a new one in 3-5 days. We don’t have any extras as this is our first one, just had it put on at the doctors office yesterday! I put a bandaid over it to hopefully keep us going until the new one arrives, it is still sending readings, for now! UGH.

Hi @Amiawake welcome to the Type One Nation forum! Hey I already answered at BT1 so sorry in advance if I’m repeating myself, but I wanted to add that they can certainly break there if you hit them sideways. There isn’t any overtape for Dexcom that I am aware of to protect it from a sideways hit- the most usual patches only cover the perimeter. At least they are sending another. you may have a gap in CGM monitoring if it fails before that so good luck :four_leaf_clover: maybe your prescription will arrive before the replacement?

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Found these that look like they would be helpful for preventing this in the future!

So sorry! As you probably know, when you start ordering your sensors will come in boxes of 3, and they should ship so you get your new box before the last sensor finishes. I don’t like cutting it so close to the edge but that’s the way it is. Dexcom will replace sensors that don’t last three entire 10 days (and transmitters that don’t last 90) so always contact them immediately if you have a problem. Since they’re replacing this one it will put you ahead once you get your order​:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:.
I found a Dexcom shield and Simpatch that work nicely as a bumper guard. The shield (which is not actually sticky) fits around your Dexcom sensor and covers the sensor tape. It must be taped in place and I use a Simpatch for that. The Simpatch sticks to your skin but not the Dexcom tape, so you can remove the shield without pulling out your sensor if you want or need to. I find the Simpatch usually lasts 10 full days but occasionally I need to replace one. Simpatches come with our without the strap, and both the shield and the Simpatch come in different colors. I found both on Amazon and there are other similar items as well. I recommend peeling the backing off the Simpatch, turning it sticky side up and affixing the shield to it: I find it’s much easier to fit the tape that way.

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We use the shields you showed, they work great, I use lexcam overpatches on it and my daughter is not knocking it off anymore. She was starting to do it regularly. We lost a transmitter that fell off in the toilet from upper butt once. So thankful for these! Welcome to the group!

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For those that use the G6 Shield, does it help with compression issues (e.g. sleeping) or for stability issues (e.g. hitting/bumping) while wearing? Curious because I was a stomach sleeper before using the CGM and my sleep isn’t the same.

I sometimes walk too close to doors and bump my sensor, so this does give me additional peace of mind when that happens - my sensor is still safe and sound. I can’t sleep on my stomach but occasionally when I sleep on my arm I do get an alert that my sensor had lost contact. I’d say it protects well against side bumps but pressure may still be an issue.

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Hi Jaime,

There are many different overpatches available for CGMs, which, as the name implies, go over the sensor and adhesive patch to help keep it in place for the full 10 days. Dexcom has free overpatches that are clear plastic. You simply need to call Dexcom and request them. You can also purchase them on sites like Amazon. Prices vary, so you may not want the first one that you see. I would recommend that you check the online comments to fine ones that work well. Pump Peelz also offers overpatches on their site that are more decorative. So, do some research to find which will work for you.

Pam K.
T1D 57.7 years and counting!

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Brilliant! I have been using surgical tape across my transmitter then a clear overpatch that is similar to the one you showed in your original post. I hope they work for you. I am definitely going to order some and give them a try because the surgical tape is okay, but not ideal.