Dexcom G6 Sensor Failure

I had a series of Dexcom sensors that failed prematurely, and as usual on the last one, the app told me the transmitter would only last for one more cycle. After the last sensor, I was still six weeks away from getting my next set of transmitters. I called Dexcom and they replaced the sensors but wouldn’t replace the transmitter b/c they said the transmitter lasted 90 days regardless of how many sensors it went through. My experience differed from that as right now, I have sensors but am waiting on my next shipment of transmitters. Dexcom told me to call my distributor, whom I imagine will tell me that I’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Anyone ever had this happen? Any suggestions?

I had an issue recently and Dexcom did questioning to determine whether the issue was with the sensor, or the transmitter. Transmitters do fail sometimes and they should look into both rather than dismissing you out of hand. If customer service doesn’t want to pursue further then ask to speak with a supervisor so you can be sure to cover all bases.

Hello @thrilliam59 welcome to Type One Nation. If the transmitter lasted the 90 days, how can you be that far off refill? If it was indeed weeks, then the transmitter couldn’t have lasted 90 days. Somebody’s math is off. You can look up when you got your last refill. Seems to me it’s either Dexcom or your pharmacy and a little homework should be all you need. I don’t give Dexcom details. “The Sensor failed before 10 days” or. “”The transmitter failed before 90 days”. And I don’t say much else. they have provided free replacements.

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