Dexcom G6 sensor issues

We just received my daughters sensors in about 4 days ago. Three month supply. One fell off after two days so we replaced it tonight and noticed the sensor code was the same as the previous one that fell off. When I checked the rest of them that we got in, 9 total, 5 of the sensors all have the same exact code number. Is this going to be a problem for us? Has this happened to anyone else? We just put the new one in almost two hours ago and midway through it said sensor expired so I restarted it and now I’m worried it isn’t going to work because having the same code as the last.

The sensor code in each box of sensors is always the same for me–it’s never been an issue. In terms of the sensor falling off… I recommend using SkinTac to help you get through the full 10 day period. You can also contact Dexcom for a free replacement since yours didn’t last the full cycle.
Hope this helps!

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The new sensor saying it is expired is a different issue and it might very well fail to restart. Dexcom should take care of that one, too if it doesn’t restart. I suggest you join Dexcom and CGM in the Cloud group’s on Facebook to learn more about Dexcom. It’s a great product, but has occasional issues.

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The sensors are known to be disconnected when you snap the transmitter out. When you snap it into the new sensor it ALWAYS restarts as a new sensor. I get 2 out of 3 sensors in a batch which have the same number on them, and the 2 numbers in each batch were repeated across the board too. No problem when I changed it each time.
I’ve also seen it “suggested” that if you want to make a sensor restart so you get more use on each you may be able to carefully pop the transmitter out, leave it out for a short time, then pop it back in. Not sure that works, and tricky to do since the receiver is so well nested in the sensor body, You also would have to be ready to take finger stick tests to verify it hasn’t failed of old age.


going to my second visit to my diabetic doctor and i am considering asking him about going to the insulin pump including the dexcom G6 i am so looking forward to it that is if my insurance covers which i pray it does.

Thanks for the info - great to have a tip how to extend sensor use If/When I upgrade from G4.

Ok, a few things… the codes that you scan are not unique identifiers, we thought the same thing, just ignore that.

As for falling off, Dexcom will give you overlay patches for free to help them stick, just ask. Also, when they fall off or stop working early, ALWAYS call Dexcom and they’ll send you a replacement sensor for free.

We have two kids using this, so we’ve been through it all.

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Thank you. Dexcom is replacing the ones that fell off and told us the same thing. However we use skin tac along with the dexcom overlay and a different brand of overlay and they still fall off. If you have any advice to keep them on longer I’d be very grateful lol.

I suspect it depends on the age and how active they are. Also depends on where they are worn. The arm is risky because of backpacks being put on and off. The leg is risky because of pants going up and down. The back is risky because of just sitting, sometimes. The abdomen has the least risk, but my kids rarely wear it there. They like arms and legs, and we just accept the risk. It could just be something to get used to. Been wearing Dexcom sensor for nearly 3 years, G6 for a year. Approximately 75% make it all the way to 10 days. The other 25% are a combination of tech errors and falling off early. It’s worth the risk.

Hi Ashley.
I am T1D x 60 years.
I have been using Dexcom from the very beginnings.
Arm has always been a better location than abdomen for keeping sensor in place. I am an avid tennis player and the arm perspires much less. Want to avoid sweating under the sensor. Also want to avoid clothing from snagging the sensor.
I work in the medical field. I use a product called Hypafix. We frequently use this in a wound care setting to be sure bandages do not come off.
The Hypafix is sold in a roll. I cut off sections and cover the sensor and transmitter. It stays on very well despite clothing, playing tennis showers, swimming etc. Excellent product.

I do restart my G5 ( haven’t switched to G6 yet) at least 2x. In other words, the sensor is staying in place 2-3 weeks. I will periodically, if Hypafix starts to peel up on edges, remove it carefully so as to not disturb underlying sensor and replace it. Extremely reliable.

Hope that helps.

I didn’t think the transmitter would work if it had tape over it. Is hypafix a tape?
Where can you buy it?

Hypafix medical grade tape with very little skin reaction. Extremely durable. Can cover transmitter without any concern. No problem getting wet.

Hypafix is adhesive. Transmitter works fine being held in place with this adhesive.