Dexcom g6 sensor life

Just got in the g6- anyone have any luck with extending the sensor life? G5 was so simple and I can’t seem to figure this one out even with research online. Thanks in advance-

Hi Michelle @Mlp1124, I haven’t changed to the G6 yet so no first-hand advice.
I did enter “how to extend dexcom g6” into the Bing search bar and got many hits, including several video demonstrations ; good luck and let us know if you succeed.

Hi there. Try this link. Some pretty good info here

If you’re using the Tandem t:Slim, you can restart like this:

  1. Stop sensor
  2. Start sensor
  3. Skip code
  4. Wait 15-20 minutes (set a timer, because if you wait too long the restart WILL fail)
  5. Stop sensor
  6. Start sensor again
  7. Enter code (save the code when you insert the sensor to begin with—I take a picture of it)
  8. Start session

I usually get between 4 and 6 extra days, but have to be careful about false lows and the sensor cutting out. I also have to calibrate more during the restart period. It’s really hit-or-miss on how long they last through the restart. My last one went an extra 9.5 days but the one before that only lasted an hour.

This link here is the one I use every time and it works like a charm! And you get BG readings the entire time too.

I didn’t see a link? Am I missing it??

Thank you. I don’t have the slim and I’ve had 0 luck with restarting this thing :frowning:

Thank you I’ll try unfortunately nothing has worked thus far

Thank you- no success thus far- has to switch sensors and my new insurance sucks which is why I was trying to extend it- g5 was much simpler-

Sorry I was replying to post number three above, that’s the one I always use to restart every time

I attached an image of my method, it works every single time you just need to own the receiver. After 2+ hours you just bring it back into communication with the transmitter and after max 10 minutes you’ll have new readings and a new session!

The newest transmitters prevent sensor restarts a different way. There is a more current hack that works for all transmitters and prevents the “can’t restart” message from appearing for all future sensors on that transmitter.