Dexcom G6 Signal loss

My dexcom lost bluetooth conection last week and would not reconnect. It showed the ‘Signal lost wait 30 minutes’ message. I got a brand new transmitter thinking that the old one was malfunctioned but now 3 days after starting new transmitter it has a signal loss as well. It started at 3:30pm today and it is now 8:00pm and still has not reconnected. I tried turning off/on bluetooth, restarting my phone and closing out all apps on iphone. Has this happened to anyone else?? Dexcom rep on phone was no help at all and told me to delete all of my other bluetooth connections and only leave the Dexcom bluetooth connection, but thats not happening. I have an iphone xr and it is up to date.

Yikes! This may be a long shot but instead of the Dexcom app I use Tandem TCONNECT. It shows me my readings but does not share as Dexcom does. I used it on an iPhone8 and now the 11. Try that one and see if you can connect. If so it may be an issue with the Dexcom app.
Looking through the topics I found this older one about connection issues and a different model iPhone but you never know if something might work. The discussion also suggests a Facebook page you could check it.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

Have you tried deleting the Dexcom app? Maybe by deleting it and then installing it again the app will work.
Also, do you have a sensor on at the moment? If the transmitter is not in use right now that could be why the app won’t work. For example, once my phone kept saying signal loss and my sister didn’t even have a sensor on. So she put on a new sensor on with the transmitter and shortly after the app started working and stopped saying signal loss. My theory is, if the transmitter is not attached to a sensor on your body, the app won’t work. And I say that from personal experience.

In case you can’t fix the issue, definitely look into purchasing a receiver. You can request a prescription from your doctor. (We use both, the receiver and the phone) In case you aren’t familiar with it, It’s a small device that has the Dexcom app on it and works very similar to the app. You can set alerts on it and it also tells you your glucose at all times. It’s not as fancy as the app on the phone is, but it’s definitely a plan b.

I am no expert but I really hope I was able to help you. Please keep me updated. Sending best wishes your way!:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Hi @Jennimmar, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Dexcom support has been very poor since it was outsourced. If you also use Tandem, call their tech support. If you use Facebook, join a group like Dexcom G6 users. They have more people and faster response. Otherwise try what others mentioned. Also try deleting all Dexcom’s from your Bluetooth list, hard restart the phone, and repair. Good luck!

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Thank you Dorie! I have the omnipod and i tried but was not able to set up the tandem app unfortunately but that was a great idea. I ended up just speaking with my pharmacy today to get a dexcom receiver ordered so im really hoping that will work out once i get it. I appreciate youre looking into this!

Thanks Alexa! I did try to delete the dexcom app and reinstall but it would not reconnect to the transmitter. I was wearing a brand new sensor both times that it happened and its just weird that i cant figure out what the issue is. I thought maybe the dexcom app needed to be updated to the new ios that updated on my iphone this past weekend?
I eneded up ordering a receiver today from my pharmacy and im really hoping ill get that soon and that it will work. Do you have the receiver? Im wondering if the bluetooth/connection is good or better on the receiver than on an iphone.
Thank you so much for your help!! Its very frustrating when i have to go back to poking my finger constantly so im hoping the receiver will work, fingers crossed

While I use my pump as my receiver, if I go pumpless I use my G6 handheld. It fits nicely into a Vera Bradley coin purse, inside or outside the pocket


Yes I do have the receiver, the Bluetooth connection is fine. I am sorry that the app won’t work. Have you tried restarting your phone? The receiver will pretty much work as the Dexcom app. The cons to this is that the alarms are quite loud sometimes and you can’t adjust the sound levels. On the Dexcom app you could see what your glucose was through out the day and on the receiver you can’t really see that. Other than that it’s quite honestly the same. If you run into questions about the receiver don’t hesitate to ask. :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: Hopefully the app works soon!

Yes it happened to me after updating my I phone. I deleted the Dexcom app and then reinstalled it and it took care of the issue.
I too did all those things you did first and then the light bulb went off in my head and I tried the reinstall.
Apps build up “ stuff” like computers do and need a kick start on occasion
Hope this helps

You may be dehydrated. When that happens I drink about a quart of water and it comes back. It may be more than needed, but it’s kind of an investment for later on.

Hopefully, you’ve solved your problem by now but my daughter has had this happen before. I usually call Dexcom and they recommend that we replace the sensor and they send a new one. We even had to replace the transmitter once. Dexcom is very good about replacing their hardware so never hesitate to call them.

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Same thing happened to me. When I called Dexcom they told me it was because I updated my iPhone to the newest IOS and they are not compatible. It hasn’t stopped but it is hit and miss.

Thank you everyone for your answers. I ended up getting a receiver, instead of iphone app, and Dexcom sent me a new transmitter. Just got it today and so far everything is working well on receiver.