Dexcom G6 with 670G Pump

I am in the process of trying to get a Tslim x2 pump and have the Dexcom G6 on it’s way. I wear a 670g at this time. Is is difficult to stay in range since the G6 does not connect to 670G? I would love any input, tips to help me out while I wait out my insurance to hopefully get the Tslim

@mssmitty26 Hi Angie, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

I’ve been using a t-Slim x2 and G6 sensoes, and just over a year ago when Control IQ [CIQ] was released, I installed the update on my t-Slim. Since then, I’ve been overall in-range at least 80% of the time - occasional days, like yesterday I missed my goal due to “horrid” carb counting.

Your word “difficult” can mean many things with diabetes - during the last seven decades I’ve found that diabetes can make life difficult often unless we learn how insulin, various foods and activities affect us. Assuming that you have a “good” understanding of these three key bits, you should be able to stay in range - depending on what TIR goal you set for yourself. The CGM will be your key to success. Before CIQ, I used the G5 with first a MiniMed pump, and then with my t-Slim and was able to maintain an 80+% TIR. Yes, a few decades ago, I made Effective Diabetes Management my science project. The difficult became routine after much trial-and-error.

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The G6 does not loop with the Medtronic so you have to manage your numbers on your own. People do so with varying degrees of success but it is possible.
Success of TSLIM with Control IQ (or Basal IQ) depends on having good background settings - basal rates, carb ratio and others. That may involve some tweaking and I would suggest using the Tslim in manual mode for a while even once you confirm your settings, before starting BIQ or CIQ.

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The only thing pairing does it to keep you from having to enter BG in your pump. If staying in range with a 670G is your issue the first thing I would recommend is turning off Auto Mode if you are in it. Use your previous basals instead and modify those if needed. My time in range is 20+ points better in manual mode. Medtronic NEVER should have released the 670 or 770 without corrections for highs. 90+% with auto mode off and 73% with it on.

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I have been using the 670G and the Dexcom G6 for a few months (used the G5 for a few years previously). Medicare didn’t pay for the 670 sensor. Now that it will, I’m not sure I want a mechanical device automatically making my correction decisions. My BG levels are certainly not level. My A1C recently was 7.5, where my Dr wants me. I just try to look at my BG level on my Dexcom often, so I can make appropriate decisions for my BG levels. I recommend this combination as it has done well for me.