Dexcom G7 coming soon

I wasn’t able to locate any recent updates about Dexcom G7 on the boards. The Dexcom website reports that it’s been cleared by the FDA and will be available in early 2023. I’ve seen great reports from users abroad who have already been using it. I’m excited. Does anyone plan to get it?

It’s released. I’ll switch my script to g7 because I won’t have a copay for transmitters anymore. 30 minute warmup seems nicer but I will have to see how long the sensor takes to be accurate. Just like g5, eventually Dexcom will phase out older models in favor of the newer ones.


Thank you for sharing this exciting news! Besides not needing a separate transmitter do you know what else will it offer?

Dorie @wadawabbit, the “featured improvements” include 30 minute warmup, throwaway transmitters, supposedly better accuracy than G6 [G5 was a bit more accurate than G6 but required calibrations], interoperability with more AIDs and, if I’m correctly remembering something about approval for alternate site use.

The Dexcom website has more detail - and possibly more changes than I recall - one improvement is the much smaller size - reducing the incidence of being dislodged. I don’t know why the previous “longer wear time” was not approved.

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Thanks @Dennis ! I’m so used to getting info here - I guess I could have checked the website🤪! I guess I’ll do that now. Always appreciate your sharings.

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Does anyone know anything about its compatibility with Tandem? I just read somewhere that it’s not yet synced with Tandem. If true, that’s a biggie. I’d need that to go with my pump. Hopefully, it won’t take long to get set up.

Dee @HighHopes, I was watching for something saying it was approved for use with t:Slim x2 but didn’t find that information.
If this travels a similar route as the G6, recall that the G6 was “FDA Approved” for insulin dosing, first device ever so approved, April 2017 and, approved for use with the t:Slim x2 CIQ algorithm March 2018. I don’t know if Tandem and Insulet need to request this approval for their CIQ / Dash systems. I think those dates are correct, trusting my memory rather than looking for my copies of FDA letters.

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Oh well….I can’t see me waiting another year. I’ll likely have to go with the G6, unless the Sync with Tslim is coming soon. Sigh.

Dee @HighHopes today’ Diabetes Connection podcast is an interview with Dexcom COO Jake Leach. Perhaps you will hear more G7 details by listening.
Also, the diaTribe Newsletter today [Tuesday December 13, 2022] lead article is entitled G7 details - I haven’t yet read that article.
I’m not in any rush to change glucose sensors; I’ll wait 6 months before making a decision unless I get really awesome reports before then. If rollout is anything like the G6 Medicare beneficiaries will be delayed more than 12 months.

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My only concern is that apparently, you won’t be able to extend the life of the sensors. I wonder how that will add up cost wise.

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Honestly, my experience with the g6 has been so hit or miss (especially as of late) that I’m excited for the g7. I’ll probably have to wait just because I want it to work with my pump but I’ve watched any video I can find of people trying it just to see how it compares. So far it seems like it’s been a good experience for those who have it. I can’t relate to the idea of restarting sensors because I haven’t tried that yet (might try it on this one if it turns out good just to see). I’ve heard the g7 sensors might be similar in cost or possibly a little less but I could be wrong there. I just know going from the Libre to Dexcom, one thing I didn’t like as much was needing a separate device versus it being all in one.

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I like the idea of the sensor and transmitter being one piece, if it works well. But, the cost is a factor. Extending the sensor life is helpful. For me it’s a matter of practice, but I think it’s tricky at first. Of course, now I can change my sensor and transmitter using my left hand only with it on my upper right arm. I’m right handed. I don’t like to depend on anyone to help me.

Hello Everybody, I called Dexcom after seeing that the G7 was cleared by the FDA but they couldn’t give any estimate about when it will be available in the USA. Thrn I’ll need to get prior approval from my insurer. I currently use the Freestyle Libre 2 and am satisfied with it EXCEPT that it’s often inaccurate during the first 6-12 hours. After that it’s accurate for me and I love how easy it is to use/apply, the 14 day wear period & that the reader allows flexibility to turn all alarms on and off and change their settings. I tried the G6 and hated it so went back to the Libre. I’m on MDI, not a pump. I do plan to try the G7 mainly because of increased accuracy when compared with the G6 & Freestyle Libre. Will post after I try it.

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Thanks for that update. If you don’t use the pump, the options seem much greater. Discrepancies between my meter and CGM only really bothers me if they’re really huge…say over 60 points apart.