Dexcom Gets Top Billing!

Dexcom is feature in this video about how normal pancreased people metabolize soda. I got excited about seeing Dexcom. Woo!

That's kinda neat!

I'm sort of amused by her blood sugar "shooting up" to 111.  It'd be a miracle for me to not skyrocket well into the 200s for a while even if I took the right amount of insulin with that huge glass of coke!!!

Also, if you're interested in learning why fructose is metabolized so horribly, the lecture in this video does a pretty good job of explaining it:


(In case embedding that doesn't work, you can click here to go straight to to the video on YouTube.)

It's a long video, but I found it fascinating.  Especially since my cholesterol isn't exactly great, it makes me wonder if I need to more carefully select what I use to treat my low blood sugars.  Even juice might not be the healthiest choice.  He points out that while fruit is healthy despite the fructose, juice is not because the fiber has been removed.  I believe he says something like, "nature packaged the cure with the problem," and consuming fructose without fiber means you're no longer getting the "cure," and are getting the "problem" in larger doses.

I also found that shooting up comment pretty hilarious.