Dexcom graph- is this a reason to change sensor?

So I’ve only used a dexcom for about 4 month but have never had a graph like this. I know it’s totally normal for your blood sugar to fluctuate between points, but is this bumpy stuff at the end an indication of a wonky sensor? The rest of my graph up until a few hours ago has been smooth even with the little ups and downs. I called dexcom and they said not to worry unless it’s out of the 20% from finger stick. It’s not, but I’m keeping close tabs on my blood sugar because my endo and I are working on adjusting insulin doses and I don’t know if this makes it harder. The spikes and drops are literally within 15-20 points of each other it just seems odd to me that it’s become so choppy! Any suggestions or thoughts?

mine does it too I don’t think it’s anything other than variation in resolving the sensor data at the transmitter (this is called “noise” in electronics) if the variations are more than 20% or, just as dexcom says, if the sensor is 20% different than a finger stick then its really not an issue. cheers @Tee25

@Tee25 @joe , I don’t think it is anything to be concerned about.

Our bodies do not operate like machines so the graph lines may have many bumps. I get more concerned when I see my dexcom line stay completely flat and the number not change for a long period.
Many other times I watch the number rise a few points and five. minutes later be right back where it had been.

Thank you both! And @joe thanks for posting yours too! Definitely good to see- I just hadn’t noticed that before on mine! I’ll keep it on.

I just heard a lecture on CGM and these are the glucose parameters that you should strife for to have less microvascular damage even if your A1C is good:

250 = < 5%
180 = < 25%
Target = 70%
< 70 = < 4%
< 54 = < 1%
Hope this helps.

My goal is to compare my readings to a bike ride: there are rides through a park with small hills/inclines and valleys; and there are ones like the Tour de France mountain stage with a huge slope up and another one coming down. I much prefer a park ride pattern - there will be some variability and maybe a an occasional occasional peak or valley, but I love it when my graphlook like yours, assuming of course that it’s in normal range. The other day mine looked like I was biking up Everest - okay, wrong mountain but you get the idea. I’m envious of your pattern!

I like that analogy a lot! Yeah my blood sugars have been pretty good and steady for the most part again, except with allergies. I did treat myself to a Starbucks sandwich this morning and a sweetened coffee and I’m definitely seeing a much higher mountain this morning :joy:

I was more than anything curious about the little waves, but glad to know others see this too. My endo had made the comment before that it can indicate a funny sensor or a transmitter that’s about to die , although I’m on day 8 now and I’m seeing a much smoother less wavy graph :woman_shrugging:t3:

The little bumps are normal. It’s when the readings fall off a cliff or seem to spike, and it doesn’t make sense or match your symptoms, that you have to worry.

Yes Pamela, these percentages, plus an HbA1c of less than 7.0% are what is MINIMUM of what is referred to as “good” diabetes management. It is expected that with effective use of any of the available CGS that an adult with diabetes will maintain TIR somewhat higher than 70%.

A slide with this information was part of the presentation last week during The TypeOneNation Summit by Dr. George King, MD - in my thinking, Dr. King may be the current foremost diabetologists.