Dexcom mobile G5 signal loss

Hey all.

I just got the dexcom mobile G5 running on my daughter and my iphone yesterday. I’m having a problem where I’m getting signal loss about 90% of the time, unless it is literally in her pocket. Given that she is only 4yo, i don’t like her having it on her. they said it was meant to work within 6 meters, but so far it hasn’t done that once.

any idea on how to fix this?

thanks heaps,


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Hey Claudia @Cloudydays93!
I had the g5 for over a year (recently upgraded to the g6) and it was an absolute life-changer for me; I know the signal loss problems can be super frustrating but don’t give up!! I’ve got a couple tips.
First of all–if it’s your first day of a new sensor, you may experience more signal loss/sensor error than usual, although I rarely had any serious issues with this. My general rule is to ignore the signal loss for about 12 hours after changing the site, and usually it resolves itself after that. (Maybe not the best technical advice lol, but it tends to work.)
If it’s been a day or longer since you inserted the sensor, you can try some troubleshooting techniques. Here are a few of my go-to techniques (in no particular order): soft restart (turn the phone off and back on again), hard restart (the steps for this one depend on what type of iPhone you have but you can find it on Google pretty easily), turn Bluetooth off and back on again, and if none of those work, try deleting and redownloading the app. I’ve found that one of those steps always fixes any connectivity issues that I’ve had. If none of that works, then it’s time to call the Dexcom tech support line (their number is in the app) and they’ll help you figure it out from there.
Good luck! Feel free to message me if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:

I had to get my baby a iwatch now that she is older she has a phone now it has to be within feet of sensor

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Hi Claudia @Cloudydays93, I use the G5 but not with an iPhone so my response may be one to ignore.
“Pairing” of these devices is much like the pairing of all similar gadgets and subject to a number of variables such as battery charge [both devices], operating systems, and other ‘electronic’ signals in use. A baby monitor camera or microphone could be your source of interference.
Assuming that the G5 transmitter is not nearing the end of its 112 life-span, the signal from that sensor/transmitter should not be the issue; my G5 transmitter works from greater distance even near the end of its life. There is an issue that has been discussed here with a recent Apple upgrade that causes iPhone difficulty pairing with Dexcom devices.

What I watch model ? And did that work as the main receiver ?

She has the 4 and I just upgraded her phone from an 8 plus to 11 pro they both are receivers