Dexcom not working

Am I the only one that still cannot download the dexcom follow app… anyone else still having any issues?

Hi @Brad8713, what kind of phone do you have and what’s happening when you try to download?

Hello Abby,I see your posts on here all the time just wanted to let you know your very wise and have alot of knowledge for T1D… anyway my phone is a galaxy 9, whenever i try and send the invitation from my son’s phone which is a galaxy 6 it says there is a problem with the server and to try again later… I’ve tried everything won’t work.

Did you delete and reinstall the app when Dexcom was having issues this past weekend?

Sure did… that’s the problem

Dexcom warned this will only compound the problem. Did you contact Dexcom tech support?

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Hi Brad, did you get it sorted out?

Also, was the app working ok for you and your son prior to the issue we had last weekend? Hope everything worked out!

They say everything is back to normal but I am still on able to send an invitation from my son’s phone to my phone at least it works on my wife’s still

Try a different email address. This worked for us in the past during the previous outage 6 months ago.

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I’m glad it’s visible on at least one device for your device. @Jason1’s suggestion worked for my husband’s phone. Hope everything works out for you all!

All better, had to uninstall, then reinstall on his phone… then restart. Good thing i remembered his sensor# from 5 days ago.

I save my sensor code in my notes app on my phone. Never know if you’ll need it. Glad you’re up and running again.