Dexcom Orders

Does anyone know if Dexcom ever offers free shipping?  I just signed up for their email updates, and I want to order the 4-pack of receiver skins, but the cheapest shipping option is $15.   Sheesh!

Hmm, I'm going back on Dexcom next week after I finally do the training. When I got my first order, I don't think I was charged shipping, unless it was part of the fee billed through my insurance? I really hope I don't have to start paying shipping for every order b/c that basically doubles my co-pay. It was so long ago (about 2 years) that I was last on it that I can't remember if I paid for shipping.

I guess I didn't answer your question, but I hope this is isolated to the skins!

I think the shipping on sensors must be paid by insurance - I pay 10% of the full price for the sensors, so I'm sure part of what I'm paying is shipping.  The skins I just ordered on my own from their website, sans insurance.  I figured they're kind of an "accessory", so they wouldn't be covered.